So you’ve fallen off the bandwagon?

Loosing your way can feel disheartening, and getting back on track can seem like an impossible task. But lets face it, you can’t be perfect all the time and guess what you don’t need to be! Life is full of distractions, and occasionally, it might throw you off course but there’s always a route back and I’m here to show you how.

PREPERATION – You’ve been blaming the office for your eating habits, but that stops here. There’s only one person in control, and that is you. I’m not asking you to be stuck in the kitchen all weekend, slaving over your tupperware. Just by taking 30 minutes out of your evening, or waking up 30 minutes early will give you ample time to whip up your meals for the day. So when John suggest you hit KFC for lunch, there’s no temptation, you’re ahead of the game!

GOALS –  In my last post, I talked about making fitness a lifestyle and not always needing to have a goal in place. But, when we’re looking to get back into a routine I always suggest having a goal in place to help motivate you. It really can be anything, from physical to performance to aesthetics. Buy yourself a fancy new notepad (obviously from Paper chase), and give yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals.

PATIENCE – Yes, I know. Preaching patience is incredibly annoying, but unfortunately it’s a huge factor in this process. If you expect results to happen overnight, then you might be a little disappointed. Focus, work hard and enjoy the journey. You’ll get there, I promise!

EXPERIEMENT – I absolutely love food, flavours and trying out different things. For me, it keeps things interesting. There’s so much more to food than dry tuna and salad. Grab yourself a cookbook, and get creative in the kitchen (there’s also lot’s of recipes on here, so do check them out).

ROUTINE – We’re creatures of habit, and if you can make exercise part of your weekly habits it won’t feel like such a chore. Start small, and progress. Start by increasing your daily activity, like walking to work (if you can) or taking the steps instead of the lift. Small changes, lead to the biggest results.


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