Keep On Moving Forward

Life can bring us injuries, sickness or just times where you’re unable to exercise or at the level you may have previously. What do you do? The answer isn’t to throw in the towel, and give up. Regardless of your sport, or chosen exercise there’s so many other ways you can move your body and stay active!

POSITIVE thinking will keep you sain. Yes, you might have days where it’s harder than the next, but if you try to find the good in each situation it’ll help you to keep moving forward opposed to focusing on the situation itself.

THINK outside the box. Did you take up a sport when you were younger, and didn’t maintain it? Ever wanted to try something new but haven’t had the time? Now is the time to do it! You never know, it could be the start of something incredible.

KEEP moving. If you’re in a position where you’re unable to carry out any exercise, that doesn’t mean you can sign yourself off and sit on the sofa for six months (unless that’s the doctors orders). Give yourself a daily target of steps, and try to get yourself moving as much as possible. The more active you’re keeping yourself, the easier it’ll be both mentally and physically when you return to your given sport.

MAKE goals, and stay on track. How do you know how far you’ve progressed, if you don’t track your progression? Get yourself a notebook, or set up a new note on your phone and keep track of each workout. It can be anything from flexibility improvements, to strength personal bests. Log it, and watch those results fly!

ALLOW yourself set backs. To me, this is the most important. You may have days where you feel like the hulk, and others where you can barely open your eyes. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it’s called being human. Rest where needed, and remember you’re trying something new, that’s amazing in itself.

hope this has helped. Staying active shouldn’t be just about the physical results, it’s great for the mind too. Stay patient, keep moving and remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


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