Pink Pants, X-London Challenge



Ready, steady, GO!

Endometriosis is an illness that effects women worldwide, it can cause an array of symptoms some of which can be debilitating. In saying this, Endo isn’t talked about enough and many women don’t receive the treatment they require and can be left years without any diagnosis. Endometriosis UK is working hard to help raise awareness and funds, whilst offering support to those effected.

One of the ways in which to spread the word, is to gather a group of determined walkers, dress them in pink pants and tutus then walk 24 miles across London! So, the end of September brought about the Pink Pants X-Challenge and what great fun it was.


Admiring the sights of London 

A bright, and early enough start for a Saturday morning brought us together at our meeting point, Tower Hill. Once we’d all consumed our morning caffeine, we were ready to hit the pavement. Whilst not everyone had met before, when you’re put together for the duration of the day you tend to make friends, and that’s what it’s all about! Over the course of the day I’d spoken to most walkers, and heard their story. Whilst it’s a dreadful illness, the way in which it draws people together, is something very special.

Twelve miles in, brought us to our half way point and nearly time for lunch. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was bursting at the seams with all the snacks I brought with me! Whilst walking I found a new appreciation for London, and the sights. Yes, granted some areas are super busy but I was taken a back with the amount of green areas there were – If you want to do a walking tour of London, get involved next year!


Half way point, and of course photo time


Ten hours and 46,736 steps, and a few sets of tired legs later, we’d conquered our walk across London! It really was such a great day, hearing everyone’s stories, coming together and raising not only funds but awareness for Endometriosis. Needless to say, my body was feeling a little fragile over the following few days but it was definitely worth it, and I look forward to hitting the pavements next year!

Want to give yourself a challenge, but not sure you can?

  1. Don’t be scared – We always tend to over think what might happen, who might be there, how hard the event will be. But really, it’s never as scary as your mind makes it out to be. Don’t overthink, just go for it.
  2. Make Friends – I attended this walk alone, but ten hours in, and you wouldn’t know it. Don’t be afraid to reach out, it’s likely they’re feeling the same too!
  3. Have fun – The whole point of these events are to have a giggle, and if they’re for charity it’s even more important to have a laugh and not take it too seriously! So, if you’re concerned about not being fit enough or not having enough experience. Don’t be, there’s always people who will help. Chances are, you’ll surprise yourself.


If you want to find out more about Endometriosis UK, click here. 



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