The Round up: October

The cold days are setting in, and Christmas is in sight which must mean November is well on it’s way. But first, lets take a look at October and see what happened.

Vivo Life Protein 

Another month, another protein. This month I tried yet another vegan protein, once I’ve run out there’ll be a post on my favourite brands! I tried Vivo Life, and although I usually go for chocolate, through my own error I ended up with Acai Berry. It’s still pretty tasty, and I liked the size of the bags as other vegan options seemed only to offer small portions which runs out quickly. I also loved the fact it came in 100% recycled boxes!

Chocolate Week 

October brought us chocolate week, and it was full of delicious recipes, including my Apple & Chocolate cake. Looking for a weekend bake? Find the recipe here. Form Nutrition also shared my chocolate protein bars, if you fancy a slice of the action you can find them here!

Food Demonstration 

October was an exciting month, as I was invited to Black & Veatch to perform a food demonstration for their wellness week! This was something new to me so I felt a little apprehensive on the run up to the demo, but it all went rather well with lot’s of positive feedback. I created two meals for the event, one of which you can find here.

Sweaty Betty 

I run boxing classes at my local Sweaty Betty store, and this month they headed down to Performance Elite which if you’re unsure, is the gym I’m based it. I had six lovely ladies down for the class, which was great fun. It was an hour of punching, sweating and lot’s of laughing! If you want to book yourself onto one of my boxing classes, check out our website for details, I would love to see you there!

Chocolate Protein Smoothie 

As I’ve mentioned, just a few times, chocolate protein is my go to when it comes to flavours.  I love whipping up a bowl of my favourite smoothie, which is the perfect post workout treat or just something delicious to tuck into to! I shared the recipe on my Instagram, let me know what you think.


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