How To Stay Motivated During Winter


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The winter months, although an exciting time of year tend to lead some people astray, with darker evenings, colder days and social engagements, as Christmas drawers closer. Although you may feel like giving up, I’m here to give you an extra nudge because giving up on your year of hard work isn’t an option, understood? Well, now we’re on the same page I’ve shared my favourite fave tips that help me to stay on track with both my nutrition and exercise and to keep me motivated during Winter! 

SET daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals – Check in with them regularly to track your progress. When you’ve nailed a goal or two, praise yourself and let others know too!

MAKE habits – We all know the routine, come home from work, walk into the kitchen and inhale half the fridge. How can we change this? A change of routine, leads to a change of habit. Go straight into your bedroom, get changed and just remind yourselves of your long term goals. Grab a large glass of water, and then if you’re still peckish, have an apple or some carrot sticks before dinner.

WRITE it in your diary – If you’ve got a meeting, dinner date with friends or something you don’t want to miss you tend to pop it in your calendar or diary, correct? So, let’s do the same with your workouts! Look at your week, plan when you can train and pop it in there. If you’ve scheduled real time to train, you’ll be more likely to do it.

POSITIVE vibes – I know it’s cheesy, but oh how my life has changed since I changed my mindset and focused on the good stuff and the good stuff ONLY! Ok, yes I have a day here and there where I feel a crap but hey that’s life and guess what it’s just a DAY. Start your next day with a positive head, and you’re away.

PLAN ahead –  Christmas parties coming up? Yup, it’s that time of year alright! Take the stress out of the evening, by planning ahead. Take a look at the menu, and decide what you’re going to eat. Then work it into your day, by having slightly lighter meals and being more active during the day.

Even if you only adopt one of these changes, that’s something you didn’t do yesterday. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be consistent. So take a moment or two, and focus on the positive change you can add into your daily routine. 

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