Say Yes To Your Smear Test


Did you know it was cervical cancer prevention week? No, I didn’t either. Not until I saw a post online, which brought it to my attention. So hopefully, this reaches you in just the same way and you’ll feel inspired to share the message with other women. 

Did you know 75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by having a smear test? You’d think with a number that high, everyone would jump at the chance of cervical screening. But a third of young women ignore their letters, as they feel it’s just too embarrassing. 

Cervical screening will come into your life at the age of 25, unless you’ve got other gynaecological based issues. Which I have, Endometriosis. Due to this I’ve lost count of the amount of time I’ve had doctors ‘down there’, to a point I just don’t care!

But that didn’t happen overnight, and I won’t skirt around the subject, it was a little embarrassing. But let’s be honest here, it takes all of a couple of minutes, and the doctors are very aware of how daunting it might be to you. Therefore, they’re very understanding. 

What is cervical screening AKA smear test?

It’ll last around 20 minutes, with the procedure itself only taking about three minutes! You will be asked to undress from the waist down, if you are wearing a skirt you can actually leave this on and just remove your underwear (a more comfortable option maybe). Then you’ll be asked to lie on a bed with your ankles together and your knees apart.

They will then insert a speculum into your vagina, this allows them to see what’s going on a little better. They might even use lubricant to make it more comfortable for you. The nurse will collect the sample from the area of the cervix , which are then sent away to be looked at. After this, you will be sent a letter to follow up from the appointment. 

Let’s make it a little easier

Make yourself feel sexy! Yes, that’s right I said it. Why not? You can have a giggle to yourself when you walk into the doctors surgery. Enjoy a hot bath with all the bubbles, give yourself a fresh shave or wax and pick your favourite pair of pants! Maybe a little outrageous, but a little fun didn’t hurt anyone. 

A problem shared, is a problem halved. Talk to your friend, Mum or sister who’ve already been through it. Once they’ve reassured you about the whole thing, it doesn’t seem quite as bad. 


Yes, it’s uncomfortable but ultimately it could save your life. Isn’t that worth three minutes of your time?   

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