Where To Eat Vegan In Reigate

This post is for the lovely locals of Reigate, or for anyone who might be passing through. Since making changes to my diet over the past year and half, I’ve noticed a change in what local cafes and restaurants are offering for Vegan options. And I’m happy to report, it’s nothing but positive! We’re in a time where people are embracing a different way of living and eating, and regardless if you eat meat or not, there’s only positives to be gained from a more plant based lifestyle (let’s forget to mention the wind from those dam beans). So I’ll be sharing my favourite coffee spots, the best burgers and where you can enjoy some avocado on toast. If you’re not salivating by the end, you don’t love food enough! 

Cullenders Delicatessen & Kitche

This is my favourite spot for coffee, lunch and breakfast. They offer Oat, almond and soya milk which is a great start where coffee is concerned. Now let’s move into breakfast/brunch options, because who doesn’t love a slice of avocado on toast? In the past month, they’ve added a Vegan breakfast option which is enough to make the meat eaters jealous! There’s also the option of avocado or peanut butter on toast, all the best things in life. For lunch, I always tuck into the most delicious falafel and hummus flat bread which I could honestly eat every day if I was given half the chance. If you’re looking for some extra goodies to takeaway, they have a range of dairy free chocolate and vegan bakes too! Find out more about Cullenders here.

Eighty Ate Burger

This is a new addition to Reigate, and soon became one of my favourite dinner spots. There’s two different vegan burgers options, along with a range of sides and sauces and they even offer extra avocado for your burger. You’re sold right? This is one of my top options for group bookings, as there’s nothing worse than looking at a menu that has no plant based options and sitting there like a lemon! Eighty Ate can cater for everyone, so be sure to book a table there soon. You can check them out here.

Pizza Express

Yes this is a chain restaurant, but I’m a little obsessed with their new Vegan pizza. It is quite literally unreal, and the best vegan cheese I’ve tried thus far. I tried to squeeze out the information from the chef, but apparently the reason it took them so long to launch a vegan pizza was down to the fact they were trying to create the perfect vegan cheese recipe. I can report, they nailed it. If you’re looking for sides, you can opt for dough balls without the garlic butter (I ask for chilli oil instead). And another winner is their polenta chips, which again are bloody amazing. Be sure to ask them to omit the grated cheese on top, which has never been an issue when I’ve asked.

Chalk Hills Bakery 

This is such a charming cafe, it’s one of my favourite spots for coffee and brunch (I spend my life high on caffeine and eating if you’d not guessed already). This gem also offers oat, almond and soya milk. They have a great selection of breakfasts, including a vegan full English, and peanut butter, jam or avocado on toast.  As you’ve undoubtedly guessed by the name, they started out as a bakery and offer a large selection of delicious breads made in house and free from all the nastiest. If you’d like to check the ingredients, they’re more than happy to show you the book where they have a list of all their breads and what’s in them. You can read more about them here.


There you have it, my favourite spots in Reigate for a vegan feed up. I’m looking forward to more cafes and restaurants expanding their menus and embracing the plant based lifestyle, if you visit one of the above places then do let me know by tagging @oliviafurner across all socials. 

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