Is Motivation Overrated?

This week has been all about embracing a more positive mindset, to assist you with making positive change. I really hope everything I’ve shared has helped you, it’s just the start and you have so much in you to progress. Every day will be different, and don’t think just because you’ve had one less perfect day the next will be the same. You have the power to embrace change, don’t forget that.

Today I want to talk about a word we all throw around, including myself.  That being, motivation. Every Monday our social feeds are bursting at the seams with quotes, photos and videos all tagging with that all important tag #mondaymotivation. It’s cold and dark outside, you’ve had a late night and really would love to have a duvet day. That photo of someones abs, did it really motivate you? Or does your bed still feel incredibility inviting?

What keeps me going? I enjoy feeling fit, strong and healthy. Plus, I love exercising. But I don’t always want to work out, I’m only human. On those days what makes me go outside for a run, or hit the gym for a workout? Self commitment to exercise, to myself. This isn’t saying I don’t gather inspiration from others, of course I do. And I hope, you gain a level of motivation and inspiration from what I share. But I really believe it’s vital you have the ability to commit to yourself, and your health and know the reason you’re dragging yourself to the gym when you just can’t be bothered.

This post is pretty short and sweet, and that’s just the way I want it to be. Give yourself the time to think about why you should commit to you, because I really believe when you find that it’s a whole lot more powerful than scrolling through multiple pictures of #abs.



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