A Vegan Lunch: Lu-Ma Cafe


After the response from my previous post on local Vegan finds, I will be sharing a full write up each time I visit a new Vegan restaurant or cafe. In the hope it provides you with some ideas of where to lunch, or even if you’re just looking to try some new places! 

Last week, my Mum, sister and I headed to Wimbledon to browse the shops but more importantly to enjoy some coffee and a good feed up. After asking the Living Consciously Crew on Facebook for recommendations, I found Lu-Ma cafe and taking one look at the photos I couldn’t refuse.

It’s set on the ground floor of the Justin James Hotel, on Worple Road in a simple, yet beautifully designed cafe. They’re vision is simple, “eliminating foods that we know do not serve our body well – these foods are red meat, dairy and refined sugar”.  Whilst not strictly plant based, they have an extensive menu with more than enough vegan options for you to choose from. But of course, we all went for a burger. The only option right? Black bean burger, with sweet potato fries which also came with vegan ketchup and mayonnaise! I can safely confirm it was delicious, and every morsel was demolished.

I actually manage to abstain from a sweet treat, as I’m currently working on leaning out over the next couple of months which I can assure you was no easy task! There was lot’s to choose from, and I spotted they even had Booja Ice cream on the menu, which is the dream! However, coffee was of course on the agenda. We tucked into oat milk flat whites, it’s also a welcome surprise as not all shops offer oat milk. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, which always makes any visit more enjoyable.

The verdict, we all had a wonderful lunch and said we would definitely recommend Lu-Ma cafe to others hence why I am writing this post. Hopefully you will be in the area this year, and have time to enjoy lunch, cake or coffee!


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