The Round up: February’s Best Bits

I’m currently writing this, whilst looking out the window to a fresh layer of snow. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not sure where this month has gone! But, that said it’s been a month of positive change and a great way to start the year. This month I spoke about embracing a mindset change, as there’s been a lot going on in the past year. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the response, and can’t wait for the year ahead. So, let’s tuck in and talk about the month of February! 

 Recipe Creation 

There has been a whole host of new recipe this month, from sweet treats to warming soups. If you head over to my recipe page, you’ll be able to tuck into whatever you fancy! I always love hearing from you, so if you ever get creative then give me a shout online and tag me @oliviafurner across all socials. 

Living An Active Life With Chronic Pain 

Although I speak about my Endometriosis, it’s not something I share often. But, I have noticed how many people there are who suffer from a chronic illness and just don’t have anyone to offload to. I wrote a post about my experience of living with a chronic illness, and how I motivate myself to still live an active life. If you would like to read the article, you can take a look right here.

My First Snowboarding Holiday 

My boyfriend and I went away for our first holiday in a while, as buying a house comes with large financial commitments! We’ve always wanted to go snowboarding, having not grown up with that privilege. So we packed our thermals, and set off to France for a week of spectacular views, falls and lots of laughs! I’ve written up two posts on this holiday, so if you would like to take a look. Head over to my travel section, and let me know what you think.


I keep myself updated on most forms of social media, and I’m delighted to have seen an increase of over 200 people since the year began! I can’t tell you how much this means to me, that you want to engage and follow my journey. If you have just started following me, or you’ve done so for a while, I would like to say a huge thank you. I love the positive vibes it brings, and I look forward to the year unfolding. If you’re not yet following me, then you can find my page here.

Your Guide To Squatting 

I love getting requests for my blog, it really helps me to shape my content so I am providing you with what you want. Which I why I shared a recent post, ‘your guide to your perfect squat’.  Whilst squatting may seem like an easy movement, there’s more to it than you might originally think. If you take yourself to this post, I talk you through the basics of squatting, mobility and stability. Any questions on this post, just hola!


There we have it team, my month in a nutshell. I hope you have had an equally positive month, and look forward to seeing what March brings us. Don’t forget to follow me on social, you can find me on Twitter  and Instagram




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