Buddhify App: My Thoughts

Buddhify is a meditation app, with a difference. Whilst other’s might require you to sit in silence for at least ten minutes, Buddhify understand we live busy lives and this might not be achievable for  everyone. Instead it turns the focus to being mindful and present in our daily activities, which can be incorporated into your day to day life. There is an initial upfront cost, but no in app purchases which is always well received.

With a multitude of different options from travelling, to relaxation I found there to be an option for every part of my day, or whatever emotion I might be feeling during that time. Having the option to practice mindfulness “on the go” has been great, especially as I often find it difficult to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.

I’ve really enjoyed Buddhify, and believe in the message their spreading. The only negative I have to touch on, is the seated mediation. I’m not yet at a point where I can do this without guidance, but I do also like to have some quiet when I mediate. I found there to be a few more interruptions that I would usually like, which made it hard to fully immerse myself. Other than this, I’ve found all the other guided sessions to be well narrated and easy to listen to.

Adding mediation and mindfulness into your lifestyle can be hugely beneficial to all aspects of your life, it’s helped me in so many ways and feel I’m better able to deal with complications life throws at me. You might have dabbled in mediation before, or you’re a complete newbie. Either way, I would highly recommended Buddhify as a great place to start your journey. It’s available on both Apple and Android, and can be downloaded from the app/play store on your phone or tablet. If you’d like to read more on their story and the people behind the app you can find that here.


Lifetime subscription provided by Buddhify.  



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