Why You Shouldn’t Go Vegan For Weight Loss

The vegan diet has gained a lot of attraction in the past year, with a record breaking 150,00 participants signing up to Veganuary this year. That’s mind blowing isn’t it? Considering it only started five years ago, and had only 3,300 sign up’s. I follow a prominently plant based lifestyle, making this gradual change over the past two years.  Initially it came from a place of health, to alleviate my Endometriosis symptoms but as time went on I carried out more research into the meat and dairy industry. I now live this life, because of my love for animals, the environment and nature. That’s my reasoning for living the way I do, for following a lifestyle many mock me for. But I honestly don’t care what anyone says to me, because I so strongly believe in my values.

Why this blog post? 

Recently I’ve had many people telling me they’re going vegan for one reason, weight loss. I know many celebrities have recently declared veganism, in a bid to loose weight for one event or another. I strongly go against others adopting a vegan diet for this reason, and feel it’s irresponsible for people with such a following to advertise it.

Providing you’re eating a healthy, varied diet whilst consuming meat and dairy it’s unlikely you’ll be deficient in any nutrients or vitamins. However, take these products out of your diet without doing the correct research and you could find yourself quite unwell.

Why then do people thing they’re going to loose weight? 

Every person is different, and I don’t claim to know everyone’s thoughts. However, largely it’s down to the belief you can consume large amounts of food without gaining weight because “well it’s vegan of course.”  I hate to break it to you, but have you looked at the back of a peanut butter jar? Or how about those vegan desserts you’re chomping on? Yup, they still have calories!

Whilst you might notice a drop in body weight over the first 2-3 weeks, that will likely level out or increase once your body adjusts to a change in diet. As much as I would love to recommend a diet of ‘eat the whole kitchen, because vegan’, it’s likely you won’t get the results you were so wishing for.

You wan’t to loose weight on a vegan diet?

If I’m yet to have convinced you that going vegan shouldn’t be the reason behind weight loss, let’s turn this around and talk about how you can! Not surprisingly, it’s doesn’t really vary from the post I recently wrote about fat loss, which you can find here.

Make yourself more aware of what you’re eating.  A simple way you can do this, is by using a tracking app such as My Fitness PalTry using this for 1-2 weeks, to provide you with more awareness about what you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Ditch the sweet treats. When the clean eating trend was around, there seemed to be a misunderstanding around sugar. Yes, you can make vegan desserts that are refined sugar free. However, it should still be deemed as a treat and not consumed on a daily basis.

Get yourself moving. A large percentage of the population spends most of their day sat down, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle. This combined with overeating, tends to lead to a calorie surplus and eventually weight gain. Try taking the stairs, or opt for walking instead of your car. Head to the TDEE website, to help you calculate your daily caloric needs.

Eat a wholesome diet. Going vegan can in fact be very restrictive, and you might find yourself slipping into habits based around convenience. Try to ensure you’re still getting five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and keep your plate as colourful as possible.

Adopting a vegan diet has many benefits to the human body and environment, but I hope I have helped shed some light onto why it’s not the best option if you’re just looking for fat loss. If you’ve found this article to be beneficial, I would love it if you could share this with family and friends. It always means so much to me, and I greatly appreciate your support. 

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