International Women’s Day: #pressforprogress

March 8th brings about International women’s day, a time to commemorate women’s rights. With the rise of the Time’s up movement, It’s an incredibly powerful time to be be shouting about equal rights. Whilst saying this, around the world every day sexism, sexual harassment and androcentrism happens each and every day. As a white British female, living in the UK I’ve not had to face the level of devastation other women may have. But still, over the years I have experienced physical and verbal harassment. Time’s up, this is my voice and I am standing strong for myself and the women around the world.

Whilst you might feel you’ve not experienced or been subjected to sexism, harassment or lower wages other women have. This isn’t a movement that can be embraced alone, we stand together and empower one another. For together, we are stronger. It’s easy to turn a blind eye, or forget what may have happened but I’ve made my pledge and urge you to #pressforprogress

What Can You do?

Sometimes it’s not the matter of not wanting to embrace change, it’s not knowing how. I made a pledge to ‘challenge stereotypes and bias.’ These are some suggestions on how you can carry this out, what engages with your core beliefs?

  • Question assumptions about women
  • Challenge statements that limit women
  • Always use inclusive language
  • Work to remove barriers to women’s progress
  • Buy from retailers who position women in positive ways

It’s not a matter of taking on the world, it’s about taking small positive steps each day. There will always be others ready to challenge your views, but if you know what you’re fighting for, let no one stand in your way. I urge you to stand together with the friends, family, colleagues and communities in your life to think, act and be gender inclusive.


Just a little note to say 

Today, to celebrate International Women’s day myself and Lucy from Reigate Dance Studio are hosting a power hour. One hour of boxing and yoga, if you would like to join us click here to book your space. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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