It’s Never Too Late To Start Exercising

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The fitness industry is saturated with perfect bodies, and perfect images. With this message loud and clear, it’s no wonder there’s individuals who are scared to step into a gym for fear of getting sweaty and red faced. Exercise should be about enjoyment, feeling strong and healthy. You know the health benefits to exercise, but how do you get started if you’re too scared to start? There isn’t one set rule on how to exercise, moving is individual to each an every person. Don’t let tomorrow pass you by, take the opportunity you have and move that body of yours. I’ve put together my favourite nuggets of advice to help you make the first step, it doesn’t matter your age, weight, height, fitness levels, upbringing you can and will do this! 

You’re the only one standing in your way 

“I can’t run, it’s too cold, they’re too fit, I can’t squat”. Everything you tell yourself to justify not exercising, they’re just excuses. Once you can step back and realise the only person who can make the change is you, the easier it becomes to start. Adventure starts outside out of your comfort zone, sounds cheesy? I’ve never heard anything so true, doing something that scares you is so liberating and could very well be what you’ve been searching for.

Try everything, exercising doesn’t equal the gym 

If you don’t enjoy the gym, you can’t possibly exercise? No! There are so many other ways you can move your body, even just setting out aiming for 10k steps. Don’t let the industry push you into thinking you’re not good enough, move your body in a way that feels good for you. Once you find a way to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, it doesn’t seem like such a huge event. There’s so many other forms of exercise that just feel like fun, and that’s exactly what it should be about. Think outdoor adventure, or inside gymnastics. Is there something you’ve thought about trying? Don’t waste another minute, make that enquiry today.

Find someone to make the change with 

We all know doing something with another person can be much more fun, and exercise is no different. When there’s someone else involved, you’re always less likely to cancel on plans. Same goes for the gym! Get your friends involved and head to a class, or even just go through a partner workout. When you can share an experience with another person, it really does change your attitude to the event. If you’ve not got anyone who wants to join you, opting for classes is always another option? In London there’s a world of different class based gyms around, and even in a small town like Reigate you’ve got a good pick of classes to choose from. If you didn’t know, I run Boxing classes for all fitness and experience levels in Reigate based gym. You can find all the details here. (Shameless plug I know, but everyone who attends the classes love them and I’m sure you will too).

Reach out to a professional 

Whilst everything I’ve said above is all very well, sometimes you just don’t know how to start, what you should be doing or where to go. This is very common, and is the usual comments I hear from clients when they initially approach me. If you think you’re in this situation, it might be worth reaching out to a qualified Personal Trainer to help get you started. Working with a professional who knows what they’re doing should help build your confidence, giving you the knowledge to continue in the future. If you’d like further information on how and where I train my clients, fill this contact form and I’ll be in touch. It might be something you feel you can’t justify, but if you’re reading this post I’ll take a stab in the dark to say it could just change your life.


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