A Time For Change

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When we think transformation it usually comes around to the how one looks, their physical appearance. And whilst I’ve been discussing my eight weeks of change, it’s not my body that’s seen the biggest adaptation. It’s my mind. With the pressures of modern life it becomes increasingly easy to neglect your inner voice, to compare yourself to others and ultimately let the stresses of life take over. What have I done to find this new place in my life? There’s not an overnight fix to find happiness, but I do believe everyone has the power to harness it. I don’t believe I have the answers, however I can share the steps I made to embrace change. In the hope this helps you, regardless of the stage you’re at to find calm in the busiest of times and happiness even on the darkest days.

Don’t compare yourself to others, end of story. 

There is nothing to be gained by putting another being mentally above you, regardless of what it is. It sucks the joy out of life, because deep down you know you’re only seeing the very best parts of their life. Instead look at yourself, your daily habits and decide what it is you need to accept, change or embrace. There’s only one person who will always be by your side, and that’s you. Finding acceptance in who I am made such a huge difference in how I view myself and the world around me, and it all starts with the desire to change. 

Find your reason why 

I always come back to this, but finding your why to any situation makes the difference in starting something and finishing it. Why do you want to get up earlier, run faster, look leaner. I find sitting down and dedicating time to the old fashioned spider diagram works a treat. It might not seem obvious at first, but dig a litter deeper and you might just find the answer you’ve been seeking all along. Initially I wanted to be leaner, to get myself back to where I was a few years ago. Whilst I won’t deny I’m still working towards this, I also realised there was a stronger desire to exercise again, to feel stronger and fitter. This realisation has given me back my drive and motivation, bloody hell does it feel great. 

Speak to others 

I have spent many years keeping my feelings in, not showing my vulnerable side but year after year my mind struggled to retain this all. If you had a broken leg, would you continue to walk on it each day? Mental health chat has seen a huge change in the past year, and I couldn’t champion this enough. Talk to friends, family or reach out for professional help. I started my journey by seeing a weekly therapist and whilst it was really hard to open up, it showed me things about myself I never realised. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, that’s where real changes happen.  

Give yourself a break

Life can be exhausting, I don’t think you’ll deny this and nor will I. This is an area I really struggle with, and work on every day. Just sitting and truly doing nothing, letting the day pass you by. Let’s make a promise, both you and I to rest and recover. Not just our body, but our mind too. Watch a trashy film, head outside for a dog walk or even just sit and do nothing! The times I really commit to this makes all the difference, and carries me through a positive week. 


Wearing Sweaty Betty 

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