Think Movement Over Exercise

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Due to the nature of my job, I speak to a lot of different people and one thing that keeps coming up is the assumption that the only exercise worth doing is long, sweaty and high calorie burning. And why wouldn’t you think that? It’s plastered all over magazines and social media, because what can really improve general health and fitness isn’t so glamorous. Increasing your step count, moving your body and living a less sedentary life. That’s the important bit. Which is why daily movement is so vital, but more importantly can be possible for anyone to fit into their lifestyle. My mission is to show you that exercise can be accessible no matter who you are, and this post highlights just that. 

Exercise snacking

Haven’t got time for a solid hour every evening? Break your exercise down into more manageable chunks! Why not squat whilst cleaning your teeth, choose the stairs over lifts and give yourself a challenge of twenty star jumps throughout the day. Sounds simple? Try it for the following week and check in with how you feel throughout the day, more energy, snacking less?

Always take the stairs 

To put it simply, there really isn’t any reason you should be using the lifts over stairs (other than injuries etc). Adding stair climbs to your days activity is such a simple way to increase activity, heart rate and start racking up your step count. Fancy another challenge? Try taking the steps two at a time, and feel your butt burn!

Track your steps 

Ever wondered how many steps you’re doing per day? A simple way to find out is to track them, you can purchase a pedometer in the form of a watch or smaller device that you can pop into your pocket. If that’s not possible, just use your phone! Both Apple and Android have health apps, just enter your details (height, weight etc) and it’ll start tracking your daily activity. To make it more competitive, why not get your friends involved. Most steps achieved in a week?

Just keep moving 

There’s a lot of negativity around the word exercise, so let’s change it up for movement. Sounds better? Because quite simply, we all have to move in our daily lives regardless of where we live, the job we do or how much you love to exercise! Don’t put pressure on yourself to attend the latest HIIT class, even though you detest every minute of it. What do you enjoy? Boxing, weight lifting, rock climbing, walking. The list is endless, find what YOU enjoy and embrace every moment.


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