The Next Step To Healthier Eating Habits

How do you eat each meal? Standing up, at your desk or rushing around after your children? Food is a necessity, without it we wouldn’t be around much longer. But the time you spend eating it, really is just as vital and is something that’s been neglected. I won’t be as naive to say we can all eat every meal sitting down, appreciating every morsel that touches our lips but there’s a lot to be said for creating healthier habits around your meals. Along with aiding better digestion, it prevents overeating as you’re more aware of the food your consuming. This isn’t anything new, but sometimes it helps to have a gentle reminder and hopefully you’ll be able to adapt even just one of your meal habits for the better.

Sit down to eat 

When you sit down to eat, you’re creating time for the meal in front of you. Not only is it nice to take the time out, it can also lead to more nutritious options and a lower chance overeating. You’re more likely to digest your food properly too, as chances are you’ll chew more than if you’re rushed for time going between meetings. Whilst this can’t be possible for every meal of the day, commit to at least one and see if you note the differences in how you feel after the meal.

Put the phone down 

Yes I know, we all do it (myself included). But I really can’t stress the importance enough of putting your phone down when you’re eating your meal. Firstly if you’re eating with another person, you’re never going to connect with them fully if you’re continuously checking your notifications. But moreover, if you’re focusing on an external source chances are you’re going to miss that signal of being full or not fully engage with the meal in front of you. Too tempted? I often leave my phone in another room to keep it away from me during meal times, or if listening to a podcast place it on flight mode to prevent any calls or messages coming through.

Don’t rush 

You’ve been in meetings all day, and you’ve not had a chance to eat lunch. I’ll take a stab in the dark and say you’re pretty hungry by now, this almost always leads to eating at the speed of light. You might just find yourself feeling bloated and uncomfortable, or reaching for that bar of chocolate because you’ve not given your body much time to process what you’ve just eaten. Whilst you can’t prevent a busy day, you can slow down and eat your lunch in five minutes opposed to two.

Plan what you’re eating 

This is one of the first things I advise my clients to do, when seeking healthier food habits. You don’t have to track calories or macros, but planning where you’re at and what you’re going to eat for the week can make the difference between grabbing a meal deal from Boots or taking in a home cooked meal for lunch.

You might not even be aware of your eating habits, but now after reading this you’ll be able to establish some healthier habits around meal times. Sometimes it can be just as small at putting your phone down which can make all the difference, give one if not all of these a try and let me know how you get on over the coming weeks. You can find me across all socials @oliviafurner, but most active on Instagram if you’d like to come and say hey! 


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