Countryside Walks: Seven Sisters Country Park


Another weekend, and another walk! Last Sunday we headed to Seven Sisters and it was stunning, the pictures don’t even do it justice. Set in the rolling hills of Seaford, it only took just over an hour to drive over from Surrey. Once there you only need to pay for parking, there’s no entry fee which is always welcomed as some of the national trust locations can be rather costly. Upon arrival we got excited after seeing a sign for bike rental, but unfortunately it was closed up. So bag in toe, we set off by foot.

It’s pretty easy to locate the entrance which is a short walk from the car park, and there were a few people walking in the same direction. Just a word of warning, whilst hilly there’s also paths and good drainage so I wouldn’t concern yourself with wearing walking boots. I can imagine there were a lot of sweaty footed walkers! There were also loads of families, who just headed to the beach and missed out the long walk. With a long smooth path going through the middle, it perfect to take bikes or scooters to save their little legs.

We headed off to the left of the path, which took us up a pretty steep hill. My heart rate was elevated to say the very least. We also met some rather hairy wild cows! Once we’d walked to the top, the hills were spectacular. Honestly it could have been Greece with the white cliffs and blue sea, I’ve clearly not explored my local walks enough. You could see for miles, including the lovely quiet beach and picturesque houses set in the hills. We sat ourselves at the top and tucked into a packed lunch, as there wasn’t any option for food at the top of the hill or the beach. However there was a cafe located at the car park, which had lovely courtyard seating. So if you fancy cake and coffee I’d take a pit stop before you head home!

After walking the rest of the distance to the beach, and spending some time there we took a slow walk back stopping to dip my toes into the not so warm fresh water stream. I can’t remember the last time I submerged my feed into water (other than the bath), it felt bloody wonderful. After spending a few hours walking, taking in the views and of course getting just a few too many snapshots we headed back home to Surrey. This was the first time I’d been anywhere near this walk, and I was taken aback by the scenery, peace and quiet. If you’re yet to visit and looking for a local-ish place to enjoy the outdoors, I would high recommend it.


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