An Insight to Run Club: My Favourite Drills

I’ve had a lot of interest in my recently launched run club, which has been amazing but even more so seeing the wonderful ladies (gents are welcome, I’m just yet to have any of you come along) push their boundaries and train in ways they’ve not before. I wanted to make this inclusive of everyone, to do so I rotate the location throughout the weeks and it’s all interval based. This is in fact a very effective way to train for your runs, regardless if you’re a seasoned athlete or running for your local park run. So for those who’ve not yet joined us for Run club, others who just can’t make it or if you’re just looking for some running inspiration this post is the one for you. I will be sharing my top three running drills you can add into your weekly schedule, give them a try and let me know how you get on! You can find me @oliviafurner across all forms of social media. 

Drill one: Track interval 

Find yourself a 400m track, or a similar length loop in a park etc. Using a timer of some form you will run for three minutes, rest for two minutes and have to return back to the starting point before the next round. It’s helpful to layout cones to ensure the starting point is consistent, and then track your finishing point each time. Try to maintain the same/as close as finishing point each round. We repeated this four times, but you can add more of less repetitions to suit you.

Drill two: Hill sprints 

Locate a large hill, mark out your starting/finishing pointers. Quite simply run to the top, and walk/jog to the bottom. Take a maximum of two minutes recovery, then repeat this again. If you’re doing this as the only running drill, repeat x10 but repeat 3-5 intervals if you’re adding other drills into your workout. Make sure you’re keeping your chest and head up. Spot your finishing point, drive with your arms and over exaggerate your knee drive (knee upwards to create more power).

Drill three: Random intervals 

This is a form of Fartlek training, which is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. We did this in a slightly different form, around a large square I marked out with cones. Jog around the outside at your 10k pace (it should be tough, but not at your maximum). You have three options here, you can either have someone their to shout walk/run/sprint, set an alarm at your phone at random intervals or just speed yourself up or down. It’s important you don’t stick to set intervals here, as it becomes a mental and physical challenge to keep changing the pace. This is a great option to try out with friends whilst you’re on a run, take it in turns and just have fun whilst also testing your limits!

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