Vegan Eating In Marbella

Since switching to plant based eating, I like to research the area I’m going to prior to arriving. There’s always an element of surprise when you find a cafe or restaurant you’d not found online, but to have a few options up your sleeve is always welcomed. To take this burden off your hands, this post is solely dedicated to Vegan spots in Marbella so if you’re heading there anytime soon you needn’t look any further. In saying this, we were only there for five days so forgive me if I missed a place or two! 


It can only be one type of place with a name such a Manuka. There’s two of these cafes in the area, one of the based in Marbella town. It offers an incredible menu including breakfasts, through to burgers. I’ll note it does also serve meat, which whilst some might not agree with this I found it to be an added bonus as my boyfriend isn’t Vegan so it gave him the option. This was our favourite spot, as the waiters might have guessed us returning three times!


This is a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea, with a relaxed atmosphere perfect for dinner. Once again, these guys have a mixed menu and whilst there weren’t numerous vegan options they were very accommodating and the food was super tasty. This is a really great option if you’re heading out for dinner with meat/fish eaters, as I know how uncomfortable it can be when you’re looking at the menu and just can’t see anything.

Gioia plant-based Cuisine 

As you’ve likely guessed from the name, this is a 100% vegan cafe. It was set slightly out the way, off the main road but had a lovely open space with light decor and a slight ‘hipster’ vibe about the place. The menu had everything from smoothies and juices, to raw desserts. We went all in and had the bean burger, and bean chilli. Then for pudding we opted for an apple apple strudel and raw pecan pie! Hands down the puddings were the best bit about our meal, but I have a horribly sweet tooth so not surprising.

The Farmacy 

Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit this place, as it was a little distance from where we were located and we were only in Marbella for five days. However I wanted to add it on here because the menu and pictures look absolutely divine, and whilst I missed out I wouldn’t wish you to. So if you’re in the area, check this cafe out and let me know your thoughts!

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