A Week In Marbella

Looking for a change of scenery, sunshine and adventure we headed to Marbella for just under a week. Whilst I expected it to be all glitz and glamour, that was far from the truth (or maybe we just stayed clear of the party area). As much as I love the sun on my skin, I can’t spend too long on the beach without getting itchy feet. We managed to pack more than enough into the holiday, and here I am to share this with you just in case you happen to be heading there anytime soon. You can find me on all forms of social media @oliviafurner, come along and say hello! 

Getting there 

We arrived first thing as we had a super early flight, which meant we still had the day ahead. As we’d booked flights and accommodation separately we didn’t have a transfer organised, but instead bought tickets for a direct coach from Malaga airport to Marbella which was just 16 euros. Worth it if you’re looking to save money. Once arriving in Marbella, we dumped our bags off and headed to the beach. Heads up, look for the end which is just sand. There’s also a rocky area, and it makes getting in/out the sea a little tricky (very ungraceful in my case). We came across a great lunch spot, Manuka. There’s more on vegan eating here.

Hiring transport 

Of course, there’s the option of walking or cycling around, which we did. If you’re looking to go further afield I’d suggest car or scooter hire. We did the latter. The bonus being you can hire a 125cc on a driving licence, just make sure you’re not a complete nightmare on a bike! For just 35 euros per day, and only using 4 euros in petrol it was well worth the hire. We took the day to look around the area, including a visit to Senda Litoral Dunas de Artola. It was really beautiful with a short walk to the beach, once you’re there you could see golden sand for miles. It was a little nippy, so we didn’t stay for a dip. Although there was nudist beach, they had no issue in taking a swim!

La Concha 

So let me start by saying this is not an easy stroll around a park. I’m talking a 10 mile round trip, with some hairy drops! But, I am so glad we did the walk. I love a good outdoor activity, and the views were outstanding. Honestly, you would never have expected them. I would highly recommend you take this walk, just make sure you’re wearing trainers and have lots of water (the camera goes without saying). We arrived around 8.15/30, but saw others heading up when we were making it down. I’d advise an earlier climb purely for the heat, but there’s no opening times so go ahead and take it at night if you’re feeling brave.

Marbella old town 

Hidden away in Marbella is the wonderfully charming old town. With winding cobbled streets, and white washed walls it’s the perfect location for dinner. Spend a little time looking around here, as it’s bigger than you’d expect. We ate dinner here on two occasions, one being a restaurant that offered all types of food but very kindly made me an amazing vegan paella that wasn’t on the menu. The second, was La Cassa Del Hummus which is a great vegetarian restaurant.

Day trip to Malaga 

We had to leave our Airbnb first thing the next morning, so decided to head off early and take the chance to look around Malaga further. We got the bus back to Malaga airport, and then a quick train ride to the Centre. There’s loads of luggage storage places, which are perfect if you’re too early to check your bags in. We did just this, and were free to explore for the day. First stop, food. The vegan scene is much bigger in Malaga, and it didn’t take us long to find Astrid. They had meat, fish and vegan options. I had a really great vegan burger, which was really tasty. We then headed to a vegan bakery, which was pretty average so I don’t shout about them here. The beach was our final stop, which was about a 15/20 minute walk from the centre, a really lovely sandy beach. The sea however, just as cold as Marbella. Like, ice cold. If you want refreshing plunge yourself right in, because my nipples were cutting glass! But hey, you wouldn’t want warm sea water now would you?

The round up 

We had a really great time away, and found more than enough to do over the course of the week (it was just short if we’re being anal). There was a good mix of food, walking and relaxing. And in my books that’s a recipe for the perfect holiday!

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