Staying Healthy On Holiday

Holiday season is in full swing, and whilst it should be a time to kick back and enjoy yourself I see all too many people worrying about their time away from routine. I was keen to share this post with you because a holiday doesn’t mean you have to ruin your progress, but equally you don’t have to hit the gym every day. These are my top tips on how to enjoy the relaxation, whilst keeping yourself healthy and happy. 

Movement in a different form 

I love walking around on holiday, it’s great not having to rely on transport but it’s also a great way to see the sights. You can rack up a serious amount of steps without quite realising, and chances are it’ll be more enjoyable than heading to a gym every day. I love finding national parks, just to add to the adventure, but make it work for you.

Take the pressure off 

I believe there’s a lot of pressure for women to “love the body they’re in”. Now whilst I agree with this to some degree, I also think it can create more mental stress. Getting into a bikini/swimsuit can be daunting, but it would break my heart if that ruined your holiday. So my advice is to accept where you are right this minute, try your absolute hardest not to compare to every other woman on the beach and focus the attention away from how you look (I know this can take time). Instead think about what your body can achieve, because you’re a bloody goddess girl.

Nourish your body

Let’s chat food, it’s the area I see people stress about the most. Because let’s face it, when you’re on holiday you just want to relax and maybe eat a little more than you would otherwise. And why the hell shouldn’t you. Make sure you’re still getting lot’s of greens and fruit in, maybe opt for sharing puddings, chips etc. I say be smart with your choices, but also allow yourself to eat as your please. Without the guilt.

Hydration is key 

Water first, cocktails later. Warmer weather and more alcohol can seriously dehydrate you, and no one wants a trip to the hospital on holiday. Three easy ways to keep onto of your water consumption are to have a glass when you wake up, drink a glass with every meal and drink a glass of water for every boozy beverage you might have!

Just enjoy yourself 

Quite simply, life is too short to spend your whole holiday worrying about your fitness, diet and general progress. Move and eat in a way that feels good, and just enjoy the time in the sunshine. Your body will likely thank you for the rest and recovery, and you’ll be ready to get back into the swing of things when you’re back home.

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