Should You Be Snacking?

This is something I’m asked a lot, and the answer is quite simple. It depends. What do you do for work? How busy are your days? Are you hungry etc! Everyone is different, and what works for me might not work for you. For example, my days differ but I could be working with clients from lunch until dinner and just don’t have the chance to eat. But, when I’m working at home you bet my mind runs wild and I’m thinking about all the food. So this is where I’ll schedule in a mid-afternoon snack to stop me gnawing my limbs off. If you find your just can’t combat your afternoon snacking, hopefully these tips and tricks will help you moving forward.

Plan ahead

When you’re hungry it’s all too easy to over consume, so be organised and think ahead. Take a look at your diary and know where you’re at for the week, that way you’re not left grabbing convenient rubbish for the nearest shop. I know it might feel hard to start, but once you’re in the flow of things it’ll just become habit.

Larger main meals 

Eat larger, nutrient dense main meals, to prevent you grazing throughout the day. One it gives your digestive system a break, but I can’t place the importance on eating meals that are full of plants, fats and protein. When you’re getting all the good stuff, you’re much less likely to want to snack throughout the day. Opt for protein rich foods, which will leave you fuller for longer.

Think fresh 

When we snack it’s all too often we reach for the high carb options, regardless if it’s chocolate or a gluten free, vegan bar chances are it’ll leave you craving more sugar. If you are snacking, eat something that’s going to fuel your body correctly. Why not try carrots and hummus (not the whole pot, just a tbsp or two). I quite enjoy a protein shake, especially if I’m training that day. You can opt for it with water or milk for a thicker option.

Eat a balanced diet 

Yes, this is a sweeping statement but if you’re low in fats and or protein it can leaving you craving sugary foods. Start the day with a high protein breakfast, overnight oats with chia seeds and peanut butter is my go-to. Try to make sure you’re getting a mix of vegetables, protein and fats (the good stuff). 

Distraction technique 

So let’s be real now, most of the time you’re not even hungry but just bored. Yup, that feeling is the worst because no matter how many times you reach for the cookie jar you’re just going to keep going back. If I get these days I like to throw myself into work to take my mind off food, try leaving the office for a short walk or engage in conversation. It might sound daft, but chances are it’ll help take your mind away from it.

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