Let’s Chat About Women’s Health

What do you think when you hear the word health? Food, fitness, physical health etc. What about gynaecological health? I really believe it’s not spoken about enough, which shouldn’t be the case! As a women who ‘suffers’ with Endometriosis, I’ve gone though multiple vaginal examinations, experimented with multiple contraception’s (the current treatment for Endo) minor surgery and the symptoms that come along with the illness.

Recently I had my mirena coil removed, after much deliberation. I’ve not had a period in three years, I felt regularly lethargic along with bouts of brain fog and a few other symptoms I won’t chat about today. The doctor was VERY keen to put me straight onto another form of contraception, without much chat of the side effects and even said “lucky you” in response to absent periods.

I am not a doctor, and feel I never talk outside of my scope and won’t start today. But the lack of awareness around the female body, our cycles and the forms of hormonal contraception within the health sector does concern me. Forms of hormonal contraception has served me well for many years, and I won’t argue it’s highly necessary in many occasions but I believe there should have been more information given to me prior to taking such medication. And I’m sure hundreds of women can relate to this situation. How often have you turned to doctor Google for information on your strange symptoms? Whilst there is a lot of positive information out there, there is also the crap.

What do I want from this post? I guess I wanted to chat about my thoughts around this subject, but also share the conversation. Regardless if you use hormonal contraception or not, hate it or love it. Do you listen to your body, understand it? Would you know where to turn to if you had questions, and would you press the doctor for more information?

I also want to encourage you to start the conversation with your friends, family, partner or even yourself. If you’re looking for further information around this topic, I would recommend you follow the Gynae Geek here. She offers reliable, evidence-based information about women’s health.



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