Plastic Free July: My Experience


So July is coming to a close, as is Plastic Free July and I wanted this chance to discuss it with you. Prior to this month I really thought I had the plastic-free living nailed, but this month has shown me how much of our modern lives is in plastic. The stuff is everywhere! For those who don’t know what I’ve been doing this month, I’ll bring you up to speed. I, along with millions worldwide have committed to try and not use any single-use plastic for the month of July. That includes everything, I’m talking food packaging to water bottles. 

Full disclaimer, there were some slip ups where I consumed plastic. For example, online shopping comes in plastic. My boyfriend was still using plastic, and uses plant-based milks so towards the end of the month I did use shop bought almond milk a handful of times. However, in regards to me physically buying plastic (snacks in wrappers, tofu in plastic etc). I can confirm, that didn’t happen for one whole month! 

What will I do moving forward? There are some things I do miss, and I just couldn’t find an alternative. For example, tofu, spinach, vegan cheese, Awesome Supps protein! Whilst I will go back to using these products in plastic, I have cut down heaps elsewhere. My hair routine being a huge one, since purchasing a Lush shampoo bar and just using coconut oil for a weekly mask I’ve greatly reduced my plastic in the bathroom. If you’re looking for a more detailed list, you can find it here

Whilst I’m not claiming to go zero waste anytime soon, I do feel this month has made me realise I can reduce my consumption of not only plastic, but waste without transforming my whole life. It just takes a little bit of time to adjust, but once you’ve made the switch, there’s no going back! I love the world we live in, the wildlife and our oceans. I will continue to research, and further my learning within this field. I am not perfect, but everyday I try to make changes to make this world a better place for those around me and future generations. After all, how lucky are we to call this place home? 

Did you take part in #plasticfreejuly? Or even made a few swaps? Either way, let me know! 

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