Life After Plastic Free July


In the midst of #plasticfreejuly I was chatting about the changes I’d been making, and living a low waste lifestyle. Now August is coming to a close, I thought I should have a chat about what’s been going on and update you on the steps I’m taking to live plastic free. On one hand I’ve been surprised with the little plastic I’ve bought since July, but I’m always very aware of how easy it can be to slip back into old habits. The one area I’ve really struggled with is baking. I tried to bake for an event during July, but couldn’t due to the fact everything was in plastic. From dried fruits to butters, the stuff is everywhere. Now I know there’s places that offer loose nuts, fruit etc but it’s very often the prices are almost double than packaged. I mean, nuts are expensive enough right? Going forward I think I’ll bulk buy, then at least it’s a reduction in the volume of plastic. Progress, not perfection!

So as you can see, it’s a journey one of which I’m really enjoying. And whilst it’s takes time, know you’re working towards positive change and reducing your impact on the world. If you’re looking for more guidance, I’ve written quite a few posts on plastic which you can check out here. But if you’re just starting out, these are my number one tips to start your Journey.

  • Plan ahead: Have a look at the week ahead, and plan when you might find it hard to steer clear of plastic. Those are the days you need to be organised for, so make sure you’re ahead of the game so you’re not caught out. 
  • Do you really need it: Do you really need that snack bar is single-use plastic, or those stupid packets of nuts that last a few seconds? This is something I have to check in with, it can be so easy to momentarily forget and get sucked into all the plastic produce we see on the shelves. Stop, think and then buy if you really have to. 
  • Carry your essentials: My four essentials are: cutlery set, water bottle, coffee cup and lunchbox/tupperware. Whilst I’ll admit one person can’t change the world on their own, you vote with your money. Just think of the impact if every person worldwide used their reusable coffee cup today. I live in hope! 
  • Reduce and reuse: As with anything in modern society, we have this obsession with perfection. I’ve heard some people say “I can only make a few changes, what’s the point”. There’s every point I promise you! On the odd occasion you might have to by a plastic bottle, instead of giving up just reuse it instead of chucking away after a single use. 


It’s only sustainable if you enjoy it, so make sure this is a journey you embrace one day at a time. Because hopefully then, it’ll last a lifetime. 

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