Exercising Whilst You’re Injured



I’m currently not running due to a injury to my foot, nothing serious just a school girl error. Too much mileage, too quick and not supplementing with enough strength work. Yes I’m a trainer, but I’m not perfect and it’s all to easy to get carried away. If ever you’ve sustained a running injury, or maybe you’re going through one now it can be pretty rubbish right? But, now is not the time to give up! Instead, it’s about changing your training up and finding ways to exercise around the injury. So if you’ve been neglecting your strength work, now is the time to shift your focus. 

With any luck, you and I will both be back to full health in no time! I love hearing from you, so feel free to hola if you take a read. You can tag me @oliviafurner or use #oliviafurner to keep me updated. 

Injury due to weakness

I can’t stress enough, how important strength training is when running. It’s a high impact sport, and if you don’t have the muscle to support that then you’re more likely to sustain an injury plus give your joints some beating. The best bit of kit I can suggest is resistance bands, found here. Doing exercises such as squats, bridges and clams will greatly strengthen your posterior chain, which is hugely beneficial for your running. If you need any guidance on squatting, or band work you can find that in a detailed post I wrote here.

When you can’t use your lower body 

So your lower body is out, it sure doesn’t mean you have to forfeit exercise! It’s time to work on those biceps. Running uses much more than just your lower body, core strength, stability and upper body strength is all part of the picture. You can find a upper body circuit here, and core exercises here. Taking this away from running for just a second, just think how smug you’ll feel when you can farmer carry your heavy AF shopping bags right to your door.

Hit the bike

If you’re banned from running, why not hop on a bike? It’s zero impact, and a seriously effective way to maintain your cardio fitness whilst recovering from your injury. If you’re similar to me, likely to sustain further injury from road cycling just hop on an indoor bike. My top recommendation would be a watt bike, which you’re more likely to find at small boutique gyms. If that’s not an option, all gyms tend to have an indoor bike of some form so start peddling away and get some miles in. If you can maintain your aerobic fitness whilst you’re out, chances are it’ll be a whole lot easier when you start back with running.

Keep moving

It’s so easy to loose motivation when you’re forced to take a break from training, but a good way to keep you moving (if your injury allows) is quite simply walking. Set up a step challenge with yourself or a friend, to hit the most steps you can each day. Whilst it’s not quite the same, being outdoors and moving is always going to make you feel better than resorting to the sofa.






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