How To Stay Motivated As Winter Approaches

I feel a bit daft writing this, as the sun is blazing through my kitchen window and it’s a glorious Sunday morning. However, we can’t deny that the Summer is on it’s way out which means darker nights and colder days. I for one love the cold, crisp mornings that Autumn brings but we also know wet and grey days also come with it. So, I wanted to give you a few ideas that help me through the winter months and hopefully you too. 

Set yourself goals

There’s nothing wrong with chasing goals based on physical appearance, but once the summer is over it’s very easy to forget about these and fall back into old habits. This is a great time to think about other performance related goals, is there anything you’ve wanted to do before? There’s so much out there for you to choose, from running clubs to CrossFit you’re sure to find something new!

Book in with friends 

Do you train alone? Maybe it’s time to find a friend who’s ready to exercise with you. If you’ve got a commitment with someone, it’s always harder to cancel. When the darker evenings come in, the sofa always feels so much more snug. So set yourself up for success, and pack your week full of sweaty workouts that will leave you feeling a whole lot better than before.

Join a group

This could be a local running club, or exercise group. Training with a large group of people, will not only motivate you to go but chances are you’ll work harder whilst you’re there. The difference in my running, and headspace when I train within club sessions makes all the difference! Wherever you live, there will be a clubs/groups around you and I promise you won’t regret it.

Just keep going

We all know the days where you can’t be bothered, or you just want to relax in bed. It happens to us all, and that’s just life. Accept it, and move on. There will be other days, and other training sessions. This is where I like to place the focus on performance as much as I can, it’s so easy to get caught up on how we look. But life isn’t a straight line, and when you have a race to train for or a deadlift PB to hit it becomes much easier and more enjoyable to keep training and keep hitting your goals.

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