How To Reduce Your plastic On Holiday

After seeing so many plastic bottles, spoons, ice cream cups, bags etc whilst in Croatia I wanted to share a post on how to reduce single-use plastic whilst on holiday. I say reduce, because I feel it’s much easier to get your head around opposed to phrases like zero waste. As a bit of a disclaimer I suppose, I always like to say that I’m not perfect. I still use plastic, but try to reduce as and where I can. It’s a constant learning journey, one that I really hope you’ll join me on. Strive for progression, not perfection! 

Ask for a cone with your ice cream 

I think the plastic cups and spoons used for ice cream must be the worst offender on holidays. I won’t deny I had sorbet each and every day for two weeks! That adds up to a whole lot of plastic. Ask for a cone instead, that way there’s no waste. Or, take your own cup and spoon. If you don’t have something to use, you could just reuse what you’re given first time round. Give it a quick wash and you’re good to go!

Reusable water bottle 

Yup, this one manages to worm it’s way into every post about plastic. Take your own water bottle, which you can refill all day long. I use a Chilly bottle, but if you’re somewhere you can’t drink the tap water there’s Water-To-Go.

Your beach bag has multiple uses 

In Croatia they don’t charge for plastic bags, which meant people using them left right and centre. Chances are you’ll pack a beach bag of some sort for your trip, just double it up and use it for your shopping. I know it seems really obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to forget these things. The most simple changes are the ones that become easier to maintain long term.

Sit in for coffee 

 I do love a coffee or two, and when on holiday I enjoy the relaxation of drinking it in the sunshine whilst reading. Whilst away, they loved promoting “Coffee to go”. Without thinking, it’s so easy to just grab and go then end up sitting 100 meters away from the shop to finish your drink. If you’ve got the time, use this as an excuse, opt for a proper cup and relax in the cafe. If you’re on the go, it’s worth investing in a reusable cup. For lightweight my favourite is Ecoffee cup and for design it has to be JOCO cups.


Even if you adopt just one of these, you’re making a huge impact on our planet and helping to inspire those around you to make change. Hearing the changes you’ve made makes my day, so please share it with me by using #reducewitholivia, and together we can reduce our impact on the environment! 




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