Get Smart With Food Waste

I recently listened to a brilliant podcast with Deliciously Ella, and the founder of OLIO talking about food waste. It was shocking to say the least. Did you know if food waste was a Country, it would be the third biggest contributor of  green house and gases! I talk a lot about reducing plastic and general waste, and you can now see why it’s essential this includes the food in your kitchen. It’s very easy to chuck away a slice of bread here, and a mouldy carrot there. But when the whole of the UK does that, that one slice of bread turns to over 65 million slices. It’s impossible to even comprehend. This is something I’m so passionate about, and I want to help you make easy changes. Even if you implement just one of these points, that something you weren’t doing yesterday. I always say strive for progression, not perfection. 

Use your freezer more 

If you find you’re not using a whole loaf of bread within a week, just freeze half and leave the other half out. When you want that slice of toast, just pop it in the toaster and you’re good to go! Same goes with anything really. Brown bananas usually get chucked? Just slice them up and place them in the freezer, then add it to your morning smoothie. The possibilities are endless, so if your freezer is currently redundant in your household make sure it gets some use starting from today!

Plan for the week 

Even if you just give yourself a couple of minutes on a Sunday to plan out what you’re having, so when you hit the shops you’re only buying what you need. It’s so easy to aimlessly wander around the shops, adding anything and everything into your basket. Chances are you wont use it all, and it just gets chucked in the bin. Plan ahead, save money and prevent waste.

Download the OLIO app

This is such a brilliant concept, that’s not only helping to reduce food waste but to also bring communities together. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the food item seems to you, it could make the different between someone having dimmer and not. Everything on OLIO is free, check them out here.

Get funky with your food

Got some spare veg that you’re stuck what to do with? Make a soup! Some of my best recipes have been from random ingredients. And with soup, you can’t go wrong. If you’re not a keen cook, don’t panic just get yourself online and there’s a world of soup recipes. To start, here’s one of my favourites to cook up.


I hope this helps you to make changes in your lifestyle, if you know someone who might benefit from it then please do hit share and spread the love! 

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