How To Prevent Winter Weight Gain

Prevent winter weight gain (1)Prevent winter weight gain (2)

So I may have been a little naughty in naming this blog post, but if I’d written “five ways to feel healthy” chances are you might not be here. Hopefully you can forgive me, and enjoy this blog post just as much regardless of it’s title. The truth is there’s no secret to weight loss, or maintenance. But if you find your love of movement, fitness you enjoy it does become a whole lot easier and you’ll find that weight loss isn’t even the goal anymore. I know you have a busy life, and sometimes it’s the last thing on your mind which is why I’ve written this article. Over the winter months food is everywhere, the party invites are flowing and life is manic. Everything I’ve shared with you is rules I live by, and I feel is achievable even when there’s a lot going on. I’ll let you jump into it now, enjoy the post and thank you for reading! 

Keep moving 

It’s very easy to start using the car more, opt for the bus over walking etc when the colder and wetter weather arrives. But with this comes less activity, and less general movement. And combining this with an increase of dinner invites, drink parties etc you can see how easy it becomes to loose track of things over the holiday season. Aim for 10k steps every day, sounds hard? Challenge your friends, put money on it if you’re serious!

Don’t neglect your greens

Boring advice isn’t it? But the more vegetables you’re consuming, the better you’re going to feel. Chances are if you’re feeling better you’ll want to workout and move more, and so the cycle continues! There’s so many ways to enjoy your greens, in soup form is my absolute favourite. Which you can try here, here and here.

Set yourself a target

Forget New Year goals, we’re making goals right here and now! I thrive of making goals for myself, it helps me to shape the way I train and I find that most people are the same. What goals do you want to smash? I’ll go first. I want to get back to running, so I’m sticking to my physio everyday to ensure I can book up my 2019 calendar. Make sure you write it down, and share it with at least one other person which helps to make it more real.

Take small steps 

I love a good mince pie, and a glass of bubbles. Don’t for one moment think I’m eating carrots all December, but it’s all about finding that line and what works for you. If you’re going out for multiple Christmas parties, maybe you have one night off drinking or you opt for a lighter starter on one of the meals. These small, easy swaps are how you introduce this as a way of living. It’s only sustainable if you enjoy it. So find what works for you, and take it one step at a time.

Be kind to yourself, always 

Some days will be better than the next, but as is life. If you’re here, reading this post you’re already making huge steps in the right direction. So what you didn’t exercise all week, but you aced the amount of water you drunk. There isn’t a book to say what to do, when and how. This is your life, your journey and you make the rules! So when you’re having a rubbish day, treat yourself as you would another and be kind. You’re doing great things, and you’re smashing the journey already!





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