Why You’re Struggling To Stay Consistent


If there’s one area I see most people struggle with, it’s consistency. There’s a lot of chat about being on or off this so called wagon, eating well or not, exercising loads or none at all. And the truth is, it can be hard to embrace the balancing act and to carry that through a busy, ever-changing life. But I want you to know that there doesn’t have to be a wagon, heck let’s throw it of the bloody cliff. What I’m sharing in this post, is three areas I see people fall down on the most. And the ways in which you can combat this, because it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be a constant battle of you against health. You can have your busy life, weekends of family time and social events whilst staying healthy. You should never have to choose one over the other, I want to show you how. 

You see it as a temporary solution

Making healthier habits it’s something you will learn and grow over time, it’s not a quick fix but instead a lifestyle change. Accepting this is integral to long term change, and without it you’ll find yourself coming back to square one repeated times. Find yourself a form of exercise that you look forward to, whilst the initial reason might be weight loss if you enjoy it you’re much more likely to stick with it long-term.

You label foods good or bad 

When we label foods, it creates a negative mindset around that particular food. Of course it you were to eat bread and only bread, that isn’t a healthy diet but nor would it be if you just ate spinach! If you decide to have a pizza at the weekend, there really isn’t ANYTHING wrong with that. Adopting a mindset where all food is equal, helps to move away from a constant battle of being “on or off” the wagon. You should never ever feel guilt for eating any type of food.

You focus JUST on weight loss

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to loose weight, but if that’s your only focus it will very soon become boring and harder to manage. Try shifting your focus to a performance goal, like trying a new sport such as boxing or a specific goal such as hitting your first push up. A result of working towards that goal will likely see the weight loss too, and the whole process will feel so much more enjoyable!


You’re different to the next person, so of course there’s going to be varying factors that’s specific to you but I’m confident that at least one of these points are areas you can work on. It’s all about trial and error, and finding what works for you in a while that’s sustainable and enjoyable. I really hope you find this helpful, because I know how infuriating it can be when you feel as though you’re constantly starting again. The power to change lies within you, I know you can do this.  

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