Can You Eat Vegan On A Budget?

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear around veganism is that it’s too expensive, and an unsustainable way to live. If you’re currently following a meat focused diet and looking to make a few changes, believing it’s going to leave you bankrupt isn’t going to persuade you to eat more plant focused and I wouldn’t blame you! However, I want to shed some light on this topic and show you just how cheap it really can be. But firstly I just want to say, don’t feel you need to make any dramatic changes to your diet. We can all benefit from a more plant-focused diet, but that comes one day and week at a time. Think about adding more vegetables in, opposed to taking food groups away. 

Start with the staples

When you’re looking at stocking your cupboard, the basics included foods such as pulses (lentils and beans) which are ridiculously cheap. A can of chickpeas can make you a curry for two, a bowl of hummus, salads etc! Why not try a new recipe each week, starting out with Meat Free Monday is a good place to start. You can find my chickpea curry here.

Check the reduced sections 

Especially towards the end of the day, chances are most supermarkets will drop the price to get rid of stock. Same goes for fruit and vegetables, which can see you get an amazing bargain! Plus a lot of these foods go to waste, so you’re getting a great deal whilst reducing food waste. Get searching!

On the topic of baking 

So this is where things can get expensive, but only if you let it. When i first started baking vegan, I was buying all the fancy stuff. Maple syrup, coconut sugar, flour etc. That stuff costs a bomb.  The truth is, you don’t really need that. You can still buy regular sugar and sugar, the only switch is butter and egg alternatives. Which aren’t anymore pricey. It’s easy to get sucked into to all the new and improved trends, but good old fashioned baking never hurt anyone.

Slow and steady wins 

If vegan eating is totally new to you, just embrace trying new food and take it a day at a time. Overhauling your cupboards, and buying everything new is always going to be expensive regardless of the food. Buy adding a new recipe each week, you’ll find the change will happen more gradually. Not only is this a plus when we’re chatting money, but also as a long term change. Something is only sustainable if you enjoy it, so take the change at your pace and enjoy the journey.


Eating more plants is a great way to live, that benefits both your body and the planet. I really hope this has helped to show you it doesn’t be an expensive way to eat. I’d love to hear from you, how have you found introducing more plants into your diet?




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