Croatia Road Trip Itinerary: Week Two

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This was a three night stop over, in which we rented the most Pinterest flat I’ve seen. Once again, we used AirBnB. If you want a more local experience, I’d highly recommend booking with them. So far, they’ve all been really reasonably priced, and we were only booking a few days ahead of time.

Split reminded me of a warm London, with quirky bars and cafes. The Vegan scene was also great, I was spoilt for choice as far as food was concerned. There’s so much gorgeous marble in Croatia, and Split didn’t disappoint. The main attraction point is the Palace, which is very impressive. There’s a large open space in the centre which you can sit around, they also had music playing there in the evening. The first day we spent walking around, taking in the sights and never-ending winding streets.

You can spend ages here looking in the shops and enjoying the very beautiful buildings. There is also a beach, which pans around so it’s not too busy. We headed here for the morning, and opted for the beach club type are where you can dive straight into the sea.

Things to do

  • Rafting day trip: It was a great day, worth heading out from Split for the day. Soak in the beautiful scenery.
  • Local attractions: The Empires Palace, which you can view from outside but also take a look indoors.
  • Eat & drink: There’s so much choice in Split, just wonder around the streets and you’ll have many choices to choose from. I’ll be sharing a blog post on Vegan spots very soon!

I’d heard so much about Hvar, and what a treat it was. We got the ferry from Split, which was around an hour’s journey. Straight away you were greeted with cobbled streets, and lovely stone buildings. The shutters in Croatia are to die for, and Hvar was just as lovely! There were a few signs stating you had to be clothed when walking around, plus walking around with bottles of beer wasn’t allowed and dropping fag butts was a big no. Which I very much enjoyed, the old town was spotless.

We were just a stone throw from the Old Town, which was great. You can walk to the Fortress, which has a fair few steps! The views from the top are pretty amazing, and there’s a café there too if you’d like to stop for a moment or two. To reach the very top, you have to pay a small fee (can’t remember how much now). It’s worth doing, as you get those extra views plus you see inside the prison. Honestly, humans must have been miniature back in the day. I fit about half a toe on the steps, and the cells weren’t much larger than a wardrobe!

You can walk along the sea front for about a mile, which is where most people stop and swim. There is a beach, but we opted for the more quite patches of rock.

Things to do 

  • Visit the fortress: It’s a short walk from the old town, there’s a few steps and hills but that never hurt anyone!
  • Hire a scooter: This is a must, you get the opportunity to explore the Island. We found the most beautiful beaches, and breath-taking view of both sides of the island. You can get a 50cc for around £30 per day.
  • Boat trip: Now you have the option to hire a small boat without a licence, or you can opt to hire a boat out with a skipper. We hired out a small boat, and in hindsight I’d have done the latter. That way you can kick back, relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

Our sixth and final spot, we got the ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik to spend three nights. Having not watched a single episode Game Of Thrones, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once again, the architecture was spectacular. I fully understood the location choice for filming! Larger than Split, with quiet side streets and beautiful marble buildings.

Things to do:

  • Walk around the city walls: The Old Town is an entirely walled city, which you can walk around. You had to pay an entrance fee, which is pretty standard. We paid 150 KN. It was a 2km walk, which takes longer than anticipated as there’s many sights to see and admire.
  • Climb Mount Srd: You can also opt for the cable car, but if you want to put your legs to use then the walk is worth it. We headed off at around 8.30am, and took us about an hour and half. It’s worth an early alarm clock to avoid the heat, and trainers. We saw a few people struggle to the top in flip flops! At the top, the views are amazing. You can see the Old Town in all it’s glory plus the city of Dubrovnik.
  • Walking tours: I like to do my own thing when on holiday, but there were two walking tours. Either a Game of Thrones or history tour. There were loads of them around, so I’m sure it’s not too hard to locate.
  • Beach day: There’s not a set out beach, but if you find the old port and keep walking around along side the walls you’ll find the designated swimming area. There’s large rocks you can relax on, plus the water is unreal. Everywhere we went, the sea has been crystal clear so if you’re a bit of a water baby I recommend you jump right in!

My thoughts of Croatia
What a holiday! Two weeks, and six destinations. It surpassed any expectations I had, there was just so much to see. There was beautiful marble buildings, spectacular waterfalls, clear blue seas and everything in between! To date it was one of my favourite destinations, and would love to head back to Split and Hvar one day. If you’re looking for a road trip, put Croatia on your list as I know it won’t disappoint.

Croatia essentials

Beach/jelly shoes: It’s very rocky in Croatia, in hindsight I’d have purchased some beach shoes to prevent my awkward entrance into and from the sea. Plus, you might locate a sea urchin or two which you don’t want to get in your toes.

Snacks: There was a lot of travel, which means you can’t always predict meal times. It’s worth packing a snack or two to keep your going. I made some cookies but also packed Trek and Clif bars.

Playlist: You never know what signal you’re going to get, so it’s worth downloading your favourite podcasts or music before you fly out.
Backpack/beach bag: I had both, so we had different options for longer days but used a tote for the beach days.

Rucksack: It’s worth saying, you’ll have jelly legs after two weeks in Croatia! There were so many steps, especially in Dubrovnik. I had a suitcase with wheels, but in hindsight I’d have taken a backpack that opened up like a suitcase. Easy to get into, with the option to carry on your back.

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