There’s No Room For Comparison


Of course there’s always been comparison, but it’s never been as easy as it is now. With access to the whole world, it’s no wonder so many of us are feeling insecure in our bodies, about our lives or success. And I don’t feel ashamed to hide it’s something I’ve struggled greatly with, never about image but more so my work related success. As try as I might, I couldn’t shake it off for quite some time. Until it came to a point where I realised I couldn’t go on like this, because comparison gets you absolutely nowhere. However, this wasn’t something I changed overnight and it’s also something I have to work on daily. I wanted to share this with you, in hope you too can find a way to embrace who you are. 

You’re unique 

I know it’s obvious, and also a little cheesy but it’s true. There is only one you, you’re unique! Take control of that, because no on else is going to do it for you. What strengths do you have, what can you do that makes you who you are. When you stop focusing on everyone else, you start to realise that you’re pretty great to. It just they’ve managed to take charge, and make things happen. But guess what, you can to. By reading this, you’re doing just that. What can you do today that you didn’t do yesterday?

Take action 

I was chatting about this topic with a client, and she’d read a really great quote that relates to this topic. “The areas in which you compare yourself to others, is where you need to take action.” This really resonated with me. But what about you? Do you find yourself comparing someones level of fitness? Or maybe their job? Figuring out exactly what it is you’re seeing in another, can help you take action in your own life.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance 

Every day get up, get dressed and go outdoors. I read this not so long ago, and it really stuck with me. Being self-employed can be very lonely. On days when you’re feeling a bit crap it’s all so easy to get bogged down with your own thoughts, to believe everyone has it better than you. But the truth is, they don’t. We all have a talent, something to say. Regardless of your job, circumstances or social circles there’s a lot to be said for showing up every day and embracing who you are as an individual.

Believe in yourself, so others can 

Lastly, be kind and believe in yourself. There’s more than enough bitter people in this world, ready to knock you down (harsh, but true). So make sure your not already doing that to yourself. It’s not something that’ll happen overnight, but you can take small daily steps to work on it. The one thing I’ve been working on is giving myself a positive when I look at myself. Let me ask you, how often do you look in the mirror and insult yourself? It’s terrible isn’t it. Put it this way, if you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to yourself.


What about you? Do you have any daily rituals you work on to stop comparing yourself to others? I’d love to hear from you! 

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