Your Guide To A More Sustainable Christmas

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With Christmas looming ever closer, it’s time when the shops get busier and everyone starts to panic! With wrapping paper, glitter, a whole lot of food and an excess of gifts there’s nothing very sustainable about the whole event. But that honestly doesn’t need to be the case, and it’s something I’m being really conscious of this year. So I wanted to share a few of these ideas with you, from presents ideas to tips let’s make this Christmas our most conscious yet. 

When buying gifts 

Buy with meaning: Instead of buying loads of random gifts for friends and family (that might just end up being throw away), purchase fewer items that are higher quality and consist of more meaning.

Buy experiences: This is something I’ve started doing as I’ve got older, there’s so much to do out there! There’s so many websites to get ideas from, just have a think what that person would love and I’m positive there’s something out there for them. Plus, if it’s something you’re doing together those memories will last longer than material goods.

Write a list: Whilst this might seem a horrible idea to some, I actually find it super helpful when it comes to purchasing presents. That way you know the gift will be used, and appreciated even more!

When wrapping gifts 

Skip the plastic: Loads of wrapping paper is covered in plastic, and glitter which just gets used once and never recycled. I like to use recycled brown paper, which you can get pretty much anywhere.

Stick to string: Going with this minimalist theme, skip the ribbon and tags which again just get thrown out. Instead opt for string, it actually looks really good with the brown wrapping and can be used again for general household use after.

Upcycle wrapping: I used to find it funny that my Nan would reuse her wrapping paper from gifts she’s received. But I now see she totally had it nailed. So with that in mind, I’ve kept hold of present bags, wrapping and tissue paper over the year. Now it can have a second life!

Present ideas 

Reusable water bottle: Whilst I keep on about this, I still see so many people with  plastic bottles. My recommendation would be Water To Go or Chilly’s Bottles.

Check out Etsy: This is a great online shop, which sells handmade and antique products. It’s really worth checking out, I’ve found some amazing bits on Etsy.

Reusable cup: I’m still banging this drum too, and I won’t stop until I see more people walking around with a reusable coffee cup! I love my JOCO and Ecoffee cups.

Christmas tips 

Eat those plants: So many animals are killed for our plate, especially around Christmas. And whilst you might not have a problem with that, I doubt you would readily promote the conditions some animals have to endure. By consuming more plants, and less meat you’re helping to reduce the demand for meat. Why not swap out your usual meat option for a nut roast or mushroom wellington? Or, just have a plate piled high with stuffing and potatoes!

Swap the crackers: For homemade gifts, or sweets. More personal, and less waste. I quite like making chocolate truffles, they’re really easy and who can say no to more chocolate?

Just be more aware: There’s a lot to take in, and I know this has been quite a lengthy post. But even by being more aware, you’ll find yourself making more conscious choices without even realising. It’s a journey you and I are both on, so let’s be kind to ourselves, others and the planet.




Wearing Sweaty Betty, and photos taken by Katie Leask. 

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