Essential Recipes For A Busy Weekday

I’m regularly asked for speedy weekday meals, which I’m a huge fan off because most of us don’t want to be cooking for hours on end every evening. Whilst I’m creating new recipes for you, I wanted to shine the light on previous recipes I’ve shared. These are a few of my favourites, that take 30 minutes or less to cook. If you get cooking, don’t forget to share the love and tag me @oliviafurner so I can see what you’re recreating!  

Jackfruit recipe (2)

BBQ Jackfruit

This is an all time favourite, jackfruit is a great ingredient too cook with. If you’re a meat eater looking to include more plants, then cook up my BBQ Jackfruit to start.


Speedy Chickpea Curry 

I made this for my first Supperlcub, and it went down a storm! Chickpeas are an inexpensive ingredient, which makes for the perfect veggie dish. I also like to double the recipe sometimes, to batch cook for the week! You can tuck in right here.


Mushroom Risotto 

Mushrooms are the meat of the vegetable world, and I for one love them! When I first started eating out as vegan, risotto was ALWAYS the only option but now as it’s more mainstream it’s fallen by the wayside. So I’m bringing it back, with a simple mushroom risotto. I hope you love the recipe just as much as I do.


Tofu Curry 

My favourite tofu curry had to make an appearance! I make this on a regular basis, it’s just so quick and easy. If you’re worrying about protein content on a vegan diet, tofu is a really handy ingredients to use. It’s so versatile, and goes well with pretty much any dish.


Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup 

I couldn’t share a post with my favourite meals without adding a soup! Who doesn’t love a bowl of soup on a cold morning, I know I do. Soups are great for batch cooking at the weekend, and then freezing for the week ahead. And my warming butternut soup won’t let you down, check out the recipe right here!

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