Don’t let your period stop your progresso


Since I’ve come off contraception, my period have been so awful it’s almost as though I forgot what they were like before. God damn being a women is hard at times, the things we have to go through. We’re tough cookies, don’t forget that girls! You know how it can be, you’re totally acing your food and loving your workouts then it hits you like a ton of bricks. And whilst at times all you want to do is curl up on the sofa, with a huge mug of hot chocolate and a fluffy water bottle your period shouldn’t derail everything you’ve worked on. 

Track your period 

Tracking your period has become really popular in the past few years, and for good reason. It’s been so helpful for me, knowing when I’m due so I can plan around it. There’s loads of various apps out there, but my favourite is Clue. It’s really simple to follow, and the more you use it the more accurate the data is.

Prepare yourself

If you’re anything like me, you’ll crave ALL THE SUGAR. So instead of restricting yourself, to then go mad and eat everything in sight prepare yourself ahead of the cravings! Make sure you’ve got more snacks in the house, savoury and sweet. I love carrots and hummus, energy balls and dark chocolate. Allowing yourself a little bit each day, will leave you feeling a whole lot better.

Do what feels good 

We have different stages within our period, which can effect the way we feel, function and perform in daily activities as well as during exercise. If you’re feeling really awful, with a lot of pain it’s likely not best to beat yourself during a horrid workout. Instead, go for a light walk and enjoy the fresh air. Equally, if you feel like a beasting is what you need then by all means, go life some heavy stuff! But most important ensure it feels good for you, if you’d like a little more guidance on this topic this video by James Smith is very informative.

The scales aren’t everything 

I know the scales get a bad reputation, but I think they’re useful when used sensibly. My weight can fluctuate greatly on my period, I’m talking anywhere from 2-4kg weight gain. I do actually track my weight during my cycle, as I find it interesting. And if you’re someone who likes to use the scales, that’s fine but remember there’s so much going on in the female body all the time and even more during the period. So use them as a reference guide, rather than beating yourself up!

Ride it out 

And lastly, we’ve just got to hold on tight and keep going! If you’re suffering badly from your period, I feel you. I’m sending you a virtual hug right now! Whilst there’s science to back up everything, when it comes to periods you know how you’re feeling. So keeping the above in mind, do the best you can do with the period you’re given.

Do you struggle with your periods? Is there anything you find really helps during your cycle? 

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