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How many times have you promised yourself you’ll “get back on it next week” or found yourself in a constant cycle of on or off the wagon? Life happens, you’re busy but adding the constant pressure of being “good” is setting yourself up to fail. I want to help show you another way, which means you can say goodbye to starting over! 

You can have one, without the other

Just because you’re eating well, doesn’t mean you have to exercise and it goes the other way around. Sometimes you might be killing it, acing the food prep and getting quality movement in every day. Other weeks, you might have to work late, your children are sick and you’ve lived off convenience meals yet you’ve managed to get your 10k steps in each day. That however, is still a success. When you take the pressure off needing to ace both all day every day, it becomes much easier to breath.

Movement over exercise

Whilst I love a disgusting, sweaty workout I put more of a priority on hitting my daily 10k steps. Why? Because my head always feels heaps better after moving my body especially if it’s a long walk outside. Of course, from a progression point of view, specific weekly sessions are important but try shifting the focus to general movement AND THEN specific workouts. Exercise is more than just burning calories, it’s about building a healthy body and mind. When you have that in check, the pressure seems to lift and it doesn’t seem as challenging.

Start small 

With information pouring in from all angles (myself included) it can be hard knowing if what you’re doing is right. There’s always something bigger and better. But I can’t stress the importance of small, achievable goals especially when you’re starting out. So if you’re trying to loose weight, start running or just become more active start by focusing on daily changes. It could be anything from adding an extra portion of vegetables to your day to walking an extra 1k steps each week.

Forget Monday, start today 

Forget Monday, or new year or that perfect day that’s never going to come. Start with whatever you have at this moment in time, because there’s no better time to start. Giving yourself so much pressure to make this HUGE change come January tends to be short lived, so instead just make a few daily changes. Is there anything you can change this very moment?


I know it seems like there’s a million things to do, but that fact you’re taking your first steps to living a healthier life is amazing. You’re doing great, just keep going! 

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