Nail Your First Push Up


You see everyone smashing out multiple push up’s and it just seems like the most impossible task. Sound familiar? I’m always asked for tips and tricks on how they can improve this movement, and I for one totally understand. Whilst down to genetics I hold a lot of muscle around my shoulders, upper body movements don’t come naturally to me. So what to do? Work on it of course, which is exactly what I’ve done and helped others to do the same. And you too can nail your first push up! 

Core strength 

It’s important you’re also training your core when mastering such exercises, it’s not all about lifting weights. Core strength helps you to maintain good posture, and same applies here. You want your chest to be leading, and the hips nice and strong opposed to sagging toward the floor. Forget crunches, I want you to introduce the deadbug. Take a watch here. The movement should be slow and controlled. If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel your abs burning!

Strengthen your upper body 

Please don’t be afraid of the weights, they won’t make you bulky but instead improve muscle tone and help to improve your overall strength. Forget asking for help with your suitcase or shopping bags, you’ve got this! The areas of focus should be shoulders, chest and triceps. Add this circuit into your weekly training sessions.

Negative push up

Negative push up, focusing on the eccentric (downward) portion of the movement. This is a great tool for training control of the movement, by going as slow as you can towards the ground. Again, make sure you’re leading with your chest AND NOT your hips. Watch my video on Instagram to help you nail this exercise.

Do more push up’s 

Without sounding like captain obvious, this is a really important point! How often do you try a push up? Whatever your version of a push up (on your knees, using a box or wall etc) make sure you’re giving it a go multiple times per week. Go on, drop down now and give me ten!


Commit to the process and just keep going, of course it’ll take time but if you really want to ace your push up’s you absolutely can! And if you want to take it that one step further, you can get in touch with me for online coaching. I’ll be there every step of the way, so why not get in touch and I’ll help you smash your goals. 

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