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If I were to ask why most people don’t exercise on a regular basis, the answer is usually related to lack of time. Of course, a totally valid answer. If you’ve got a full time job, children and a busy social life exercise might come low on your priority list. But the truth is, there’s always time to exercise it just depends on what you prioritise. That might sound like a harsh reality, but if we really want to we can all squeeze a little more productivity out of each day. And hopefully by the time you’ve read this you’ll be better set to add more activity into your day! 

Wake up earlier 

I’ve got a couple of early morning clients, who train with me at 6.30am. They don’t have to be up for work until 8:00, so if they wanted they could have a pretty good sleep most days! But instead they choose too use that time to get out and head to the gym. If you have an hour to spare in your mornings, just bite the bullet and wake up that little bit earlier. It might seem painful, but once you’re awake and out of bed you’re feel better for getting your workout done first thing.

Exercise snacking 

Just like snacking with food, but instead with exercise. This is quite a popular option for those who are training for marathons, but it works just as well with a general workout. You could do your squats in the mornings, push up’s in your lunch break and finish with some deadbugs! Make it work for you, but knowing you can space your workouts throughout the day might make it that bit easier to manage.

It doesn’t have to take all day 

You don’t have to exercise for 60 minutes everyday to have an effective workout, you can get just as much done within ten minutes. Is there 2-3 days per week where you’ve got a spare 15-20 minutes? Set your timer and do 15 squats, 10 push ups and 5 burpees. If that doesn’t feel like an effective workout, I’m doing something wrong!

Don’t use exercise to counteract overeating 

I say this lightly, because I do chat about moving more from the point of using more energy. BUT that being said, if you only see exercise as a way of loosing weight you’re never going to appreciate the true value of exercise. It’s such a powerful tool for your mental health, prevention of major illnesses not to mention you’ll feel like a total BAD ASS (not that you’re not already). The better you feel from exercising, the more you’ll WANT to exercise and then you’ll find time without even thinking about it.

Switch TV for a workout 

Yup, I said it. I love watching TV as much as the next person, who doesn’t love to snuggle on the sofa with your favourite box set. But if you’re doing that most evenings, you can absolutely squeeze a workout in. At home or the gym, it doesn’t matter. Just move your body, get a sweat and you’ll feel heaps better afterwards. Then you can watch TV until your hearts content.


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