Five things i’ve learnt this year



Whilst December is an exciting time of year, it’s also a time where we all start to reflect on what’s happened over the past 12 months. I’d set myself up for my best year yet, and truthfully it’s not been what I’d expected. However, I’ve learnt more about myself this year than I have in my lifetime. And wanted to share my findings of this year with you. But firstly, thank you for being with me, supporting me and being all round awesome. You rock and it’s truly my honour to have you here with me. 

You are all you have 

At the start of this year, I was riddled with comparison. Honestly, I’ve driven my family mad talking about everyone else’s successes. And do you know where It got me? A pit of self pity and loneliness. And whilst I’ve got an amazing support network around me, the only person who could really change the situation was me. So I did everything within my power to acknowledge the situation and implement changes. And honestly things have really changed in the past few months, and that’s all come from a shift in mindset. You are unique, a gift to the world who’s capable of anything you’re willing to work for! You’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your years, so get comfortable with that and enjoy the ride.

Earth is a truly beautiful place 

This year has been a year of awakening for me, I adopted a fully plant-based diet and have been reducing my plastic over the course of the year. It’s made me even more compassionate about our environment, and the wildlife we share it with. I hope to do even more in 2019, but this year has been all about opening my eyes to whats right in front of me.

To never take my bodies capabilities for granted 

So you’ve likely seen I’ve sustained an injury (posterior tibial tendonitis). It’s been around five months off running, and it’s been so tough. I don’t like to moan because I’m still able to move in all other aspects, but on days like today I would LOVE more than anything to lace up and hit the hills. I’m still going through the process as unfortunately conservative treatment hasn’t helped, so the finish line isn’t in sight just yet. Most of all it’s highlighted to me how much I appreciate my body for what it can do, opposed to how it looks. Look I won’t deny we all chase the #absgoals at times, but just take a moment for how bloody fantastic your body is and what you’re capable of physically achieving.

Treasure those around you 

It’s been a tough year of loosing people, some who will be back from travels but others who’ve left us for good. And with each loss it highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with good friends, opposed to many friends. It’s true what your parents said “the older you get, if you can count your good friends on one hand you’re a lucky person.” So hold them close and don’t let them go, they’re worth keeping hold off.

Embrace new beginnings

Next year I’m starting out at a new gym, and honestly I’m so excited for the move! I’ve been working as a full time PT for about three years, and I’ve learnt heaps. I knew things hadn’t been quite right for a while, but kept putting off the inevitable. I finally took the plunge and have been blown away with the response from current, and new clients. You never know if it’s the right choice until you make the change, but unless you make that choice you’ll never know either way. So be brave, take a new turning and embrace what 2019 is going to bring you!


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