Last week I shared a story asking if you focused on mobility before or after your workout. The results came in and it turns out most of you don’t, but more so down to the fact you don’t know what to do. I believe it’s my responsibility to educate you on why you should do something, because when you have a why it’s becomes much easier to stick as something! This post is going to be your why, before I share the how on Instagram.

What is mobility?

Quite simply, it’s how a joint moves. You can put this into practice now! Move your ankles in a few circles, take a few squats and circle your arms. How did that feel in your joints? It’s important you’re aware of what feels stiff, and what doesn’t. The more in tune with your body, the better and more effective your training is.

Why do we need good mobility?

Good movement can help prevent joint pain and even injury. It’ll also allow you to move and lift weights more efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned athlete, weekend runner, enjoy training yourself in the gym or just want sit on the floor and play with your children.


Are there any exceptions?

There always has to be a but right? There is one main exception where mobility is concerned, and that’s if you suffer with HYPERMOBILITY. Which in a nutshell is having excess movement around a joint. There are levels of this, some people are worse than others. Whereas you might just have hypermobility through your hips, ankles etc. Instead it’s vital you strengthen, glutes and core in particular. If you’re unsure how to train around your hypermobility, get in touch.

How long should I spend on my mobility 

This is an ambiguous questions, because it differs for each person and their training specifics. But as a general rule of thumb, try to ensure you’re mobilising around the areas you’re going to be using in your workout. Take a look at my Instagram for a few ides to get you moving!


Hopefully this has given you some clarity on the topic of mobility, now you know the why I’ll be sharing the how in more detail. This week I challenge you to add five minutes of mobility into each workout, let me know how you get on! 


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