Your guide to Veganuary


As January swings around again, it’s a time many of us adopt new habits. And whilst I don’t like to advocate any extreme diets, or lifestyle changes there is one New Year challenge that has a special place in my heart. I am of course talking about Veganuary. It’s a charity that encourages people to try being vegan for one month, they have a huge library of information online so you’re never alone or misinformed. Whilst I eat a hugely varied diet, and don’t for one-minute miss eating animals products it took time for me to get to this place. Therefore it’s incredibly important to me that you’re fully informed on how to introduce a vegan diet into your lifestyle, but also why. 

Why try Veganuary?

The meat industry is huge. Due to the sheer demand of meat, the effects on our environment and living standards of some animals is pretty devastating. We all live on this planet, therefore it’s something we all have in common and I honestly believe it’s our duty to give back and care for what we take for granted. It was announced this year that the single best way to reduce your impact on the environment, was to eat a more plant-based diet. I listened to a really great podcast with Deliciously Ella, you can listen here.

How to eat Vegan?

Whilst Veganuary is all about adopting a vegan diet for the month, if it’s totally new to you just take small steps! Reduce your meat consumption over January and then continue with this into the next month and beyond. Whilst it’s still just as simple to eat a varied diet, it’s new to most people hence why so many people comment “all you eat is lettuce”. I can confirm, I eat a whole lot more than lettuce! For ideas on recipes, you can feast your eyes here. There’s always the question about protein consumption, but I can assure you you’ll be eating enough without meat without even realising it. Instead place the focus on eating more vegetables. However if you’ve been using protein powders, I would highly recommend you use Awesome Supplements vegan range.

What happens after?

I found once I reduced and finally stopped eating meat, I lost the taste for it. But of course, we’re all different people. You might find you crave it more. However I believe education is the best source of motivation. The more you discover about the meat and fish industry, potentially the less likely you want to continue supporting it. If the idea of cutting it out totally scares you, just take smaller steps. Start with Meat Free Monday, then see how you get on from there!

If you’d like to read more 

This if my list of recommendations, ranging from books to websites. Some is more hard hitting than others, but if you’re find it hard to watch doesn’t that give you your answer?

And lastly, spend time with more animals! Head to your local farm, and meet the animals. Just like your pets, they have different personalities, they have feelings and they feel pain. I rarely talk about this online, because I know we all have our own opinions. But if there’s any part of you that feels guilt when you watch, read etc the above please question those feelings and explore why you feel that way. Not eating animals is the best choice I’ve ever made, and I would love for you to join me on this journey. 



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