If you’ve started your fitness journey this year, that’s awesome! Whilst I am all on board for training because it’s fun, I think it’s important to have a goal to help you progress and keep the motivation high. But how to progress and even reach that goal? Whilst “training more” might seem like the only option, I’ve got a few nuggets of information that’ll see you progressing week on week. 

Train smarter

So say you want to get better at push up’s, you’re going to need to strengthen the muscles used in the push up(pecs, deltoids and triceps). So get geeky with your training goals! What do you want to achieve? If you want to be able to run a 5k, download C25K. There’s no point in pushing yourself to the point of breaking, if it’s not taking you closer to your goals. Train smarter, not harder.

Progressive overload 

This simply means, continually increasing the demands on your body to continually progress strength and endurance. This principle is usually applied when talking about strength training, but really can be used with any form of training. If you’re adding weight training into your sessions, to be able to lift a heavier weight you would need to slowly increase each week, month etc. There so many ways in which you can vary this progression, but I want to keep it super simple today so you can implement it during your next workout. Are you using a 5kg weight to squat with? Does it feel too easy? Let’s take the weight up! Next time use 8kg and see it you can still hit the same number of repetitions.

Try another variation 

Back, goblet, front, sumo, box, split squat. Some exercises might have more variations than others, but keeping it fresh and trying something new might just give you the result you were seeking. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Good mobility is ESSENTIAL for progression 

It doesn’t matter how hard you train, if you’ve got poor range of movement you’ll keep hitting that wall. The more you train, the MORE mobility work you should be doing. I’ve chatted about this in a blog post and shared a video on Instagram. Take a look, and take action in your next workout.

Get some rest & recovery 

It’s so easy to think more is better, but at times less is more. Training your body multiple days each week, then putting it through stress at work, looking after a family and keeping up with social events. THAT can be incredibly draining for your body and mind. Giving yourself a couple of days from training could be all you needed to hit that 10k personal best. If ever you’re feeling completely exhausted, don’t give yourself a hard time just rest up, there’s always tomorrow.


Stay consistent, and the progressions will come with time. I really hope this helped you, if you’re looking for more guidance with your training I’m now taking online coaching clients. You can find out more here


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