head for the hills: Reigate Hill

I love being outdoors, come rain or shine but it’s even better when I get to spend that time with other people. Which is the exact reason I wanted to create Head For The Hills, a free monthly walking group. There’s no limit to where this can go, so keep your eyes peeled for bigger at better events! But, before I get carried away this weekend was the first of my walks and it was brilliant. Despite the previous nights howling winds, I still had a dedicated group of walkers joining me. We dragged ourselves through mud, climbed up hills and took in the beautiful sights. 



And there you have it, a wonderful walk with a great bunch of people! The next event is taking place at Box Hill, on the 24th February. To keep yourself updated with the latest events, photos and to join a group of like minded people then come and say hello on the Head For The Hills Facebook group. And a huge thank you to Roo for joining us on the walk, and taking such lovely shots of the walk. 



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