Three Techniques To Help You Run Faster


If you’re looking to increase your running speed, there’s three techniques you can add into your weekly runs that will help make all the difference. Try adding a new technique in each week, and see how it effects your longer runs. To start you only want to add the higher intensity work in one each week, and then slowly increase once. Progression is they key in any form of training, but especially with running it’s important you give your body the time to adapt. 


Intervals are a game changer, it allows you to work at a higher rate of intensity over a shorter time period. If you’re stuck running the same 5k route each week, just choose one long strip of the route and use it for intervals. You could do 1:00 minute max effort, then recover for 60-120 seconds. Repeat this six times, and then do a cool down mile. I’ve also shared my favourite drills in a previous post, which you can look at here.


This is a really effective way of increasing speed, within your current route/distance. Start your run with an easy pace, then with each mile/KM build your pace and run faster. Keep the distance to around 10k when doing this type of training, it’s tough but very effective!

Fartlek Training 

Once again this is something you can add into your longer runs, by having periods of time where you’re running slower or faster. If you find interval training tough, this is a really great introduction to it. It could be as simple as seeing a postbox in the distance, increasing your speed until you get there. Bring yourself back to a comfortable pace, then go again. It’s a Swedish term for “speed play” so play around and have fun with the sprints!


Hopefully that’s helped give you some fresh ideas, which you can put in place this week. If you’re looking for more individual coaching, do get in touch for details on how I can help you.  


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