Where To Start If You’re New To Running



I often have people say to me they would love to run, but can’t get along with it. Running is a very inclusive sport, and introduced correctly is an amazing way to get outdoors, meet an incredible community and of course a very effective form of exercise! So if this is all sounding very familiar, I hope this post brings you a new boost of motivation to get your trainers on and start running.

Your running trainers are JUST for running

Your movement pattern when you walk will be different than that of when you run, so it’s important you buy yourself a pair of trainers you use just for running to avoid wearing them out. You don’t have to spend much at all, take a look at Wiggle and SweatShop for some great bargains!

Start with intervals

If you’re new to running, the best thing you can do for yourself both physically and mentally is start with short bouts of running mixed with walking. It’ll help your body adapt, along with mentally rising to the challenge of running. Try taking a look at Couch To 5K for a simple to use podcast, that’ll take you all the way to running your first ever 5k and beyond.

Make some friends in the sport

The running community is awesome, I honestly have never felt uncomfortable or excluded at an event, training etc. Join a local running club, find people online or just ask your current friends if they want to come running with you. It always helps on the colder days to have someone to get you out the house, and keep you accountable.

Hit the trails

Most people tend to go straight for road running, try getting off the roads and into some green space. It’ll do wonders for your headspace, plus you never know what’s coming so I find it keeps me guessing and makes the run even more enjoyable.

Get strong to run

I can’t stress HOW important this is alongside your running. Just think of running as the same movement pattern, repeated over and over again. If you expect your body to run for you, repay it by building a strong arsed body. I’ve got loads of videos on Instagram, so take a look and stick to it.


Enjoy the ride, and embrace the fact you have an amazing body that allows you to run! If you’re stuck with where to go next, and need some more help with strength training then get in touch. I can train you wherever you are in the world.

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