How To Find Strength In Your Own Lane

We always think someone else is doing better, making more money or just being better at life. But let’s face it, we’re all just working this out along the way. Life is a funny thing, but finding your inner strength can take you from daily comparison to running your own race and totally smashing it. These are the steps I take when I’m trying to focus on number one, and I really hope it helps you to embrace yourself and who YOU are! 

Commit to one challenge at a time 

How often do you get caught up in changing EVERYTHING at once? It’s really easy to fall into right? But breaking down your end goal into more manageable daily steps always will make it all seem so much more achievable. It might be running a marathon, smashing your full push up or eating more greens. Write down something you can do each day to get yourself there.

Remove negativity from your life

Do you find yourself going back to the same person account, even though it makes you feel crap? Yup, hands in the air I’m guilty. So right here, right now I challenge you to physically AND mentally remove that person from your life.

Don’t set your standards on the basis of other people 

It’s taken me long enough to realise, but I spent so long trying to be someone else online. Create content because someone else was nailing it, but it never felt “quite right” until I found my voice and started talking about what I love. Sharing photos that I feel comfortable with. And god it feels like such a weight has lifted. So I urge you to stop looking left and right to live your life, you make your own rules.

Inner strength takes commitment

No one is born with mental strength, it takes a commitment to being that way. Embrace and nurture it, recognise when you’re struggling and find a way to push through. Instead of being annoyed that someone else is stronger than you, ask yourself what you can do today to help your future self. Believe in yourself, in your ability and never let go of the things you want to achieve.

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