How To Overcome Your Gym-Phobia

Gyms can be really intimating places, the amount of times I’ve heard someone say I’m not fit enough to train at the gym. That as a sentence sounds mad, but totally justified. Whilst you can absolutely strength train outside and at home, not everyone wishes to do that. If that’s you, I really want to help you overcome your gym fear and fully believe you can. 

Have a plan of action 

Think of it the same as going into a meeting, or presenting to a room of people. You wouldn’t approach that unprepared, so treat the gym the same. Writing down a few exercises will give you direction and a focus in your workout. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can take a look at my Instagram.

Take headphones

Listening to music, a podcast or audio book always helps me to zone out regardless of where I am. If you find you get really uncomfortable at the gym, just having a sense of familiarity can really help with relaxing you. Think of it as your cloak of invisibility, it’s second best to the real thing.

Everyone is too busy with themselves 

The first concern I hear is “everyone is looking at me”, unless you’re doing something very weird and wacky people just don’t care! Sure, everyone looks around the room here and there but you likely do the very same! Most people are likely feeling the very same as you (if only we could hear inside each others heads). Try to switch off from what other people might or might not be thinking, and focus on your yourself and the workout.

Work with a Personal Trainer 

Well of course I had to add this in! Working with someone can make the whole experience so much more enjoyable, once you’ve built your confidence up chances are you’ll feel much better about going alone. I work with 1:1 and online clients, you can get in touch right here.

Just keep going 

I’m not great with large social situations, but I made it my goal in 2019 to attend more networking events and get myself out there more. And guess what, it’s not nearly as bad as I’d built it to be in my head. Once you’ve found your feet, keep the habit going. Even if you start with once a week, and build it to four that’s amazing! Confidence doesn’t come overnight, but the more you do something the easier the experience.


I really hope this has helped you to take a leap, and head to the gym. I’d love to hear from you, so come and join me on Instagram and let me know how you get on! 

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